Isaiah 14:29
Rejoice not thou, whole Palestina, because
the rod of him that smote thee is broken:
for out of the serpent’s root shall come forth
a cockatrice, and his
(her) fruit shall be fiery
flying serpents.

The type of the Cockatrice (cobra; snake) in the days of Isaiah, represented
Babylon (the Cockatrice) that came out of the Serpent’s (Assyrian) roots.
The Assyrian was the Rod of God in the days of Isaiah, that was sent against
a hypocritical nation (Israel and Judah). In the days of Isaiah, around
722 BC the Assyrian was sent unto the northern tribes of Israel and
removed the northern tribes of Israel into captivity, as God had foretold.

The Assyrian was the Rod of God’s anger, see Is.10:5, which God sent
against the hypocritical nation, being the nation of Israel and Judah.

The Assyrian took all the people of the northern tribes into captivity. The ten
tribes have not been heard of since, as Ephraim (largest tribe of the northern
mingled his seed with the Gentiles, as stated in Hos.7:8. Thereafter,
all the tribes that were taken captive by the Assyrian, lost their identity because
they mingled their seed with the Gentiles (other nations).

The Lord also sent the Assyrian unto the kingdom of Judah, where Jerusalem
was the head (capital) of the southern kingdom. The Assyrian was to punish
Jerusalem (capital of Judah), just as the northern tribes of Israel were

The Lord decided to spare Jerusalem because the Assyrian had boasted
against the God of Israel. Therefore God punished the heart of the proud
king of Assyria, see Is.10:11-15. The Lord sent an Angel (Christ the
Destroying Angel)
that slew the army of the Assyrians who were laying
siege upon the city of Jerusalem, see 2Kin.19:35; 2Chr.32:21; Is.37:36.

In Is.14:29, the Lord warns Palestine not to rejoice because the Rod of him
(Assyrian) is broken. As out of the Assyrian’s roots shall come forth a
Cockatrice (snake). The Cockatrice was in the first instance typified by
Babylon (under the reign of Nebuchadnezzar) coming to overthrow
Judah and Jerusalem.

God’s people were very rebellious, for they listened not unto the Prophets
that were sent unto them, but killed the Lord’s servants (Prophets) with the
edge of the sword. Therefore, the Lord warns the inhabitants that are left in
the whole land of Palestina, that out of the Assyrian’s (Serpents) root shall
come Babylon (Cockatrice), who shall march through the land to possess
it, for the mouth of the Lord has spoken it by the Prophets.

One must remember that the hypocritical nation was the land of Palestine
(Israelites) and not the Assyrian or Babylon. In the latter days (being our
the Babylon that is mentioned in Rev.14:8; 16:19; 17:5; 18:2; 18:21,
is describing the latter day condition of Christendom. Christendom rejected
the latter day Man-child of Rev.12:5, that came to reveal the Seven Seals
Scroll unto the world. Therefore, Christendom has become confusion
because she rejected the Elijah (Man-child) messenger
of Mal.4:5.

The city that is mentioned in Rev.14:8; 18:10 is the whore (Great Christian
of Rev.17:1-6, which in the past was old Jerusalem. The great
whore is the Great Christian Nation that rejected the latter day Lamb’s
Seven Seals Scroll, then killed him with some of his Bride on
April 19th 1993.

In the latter days, the Serpent of Is.14:29 represents the Man-child of
Rev.12:5, who has the Rod of Iron (two edge sword; two sided scroll)
in his hand, being the Rod that wounds the Babylonian Beast, see

On April 19th 1993, the Babylonian Beast (Christendom) received a
deadly wound upon one head (Great Christian Nation; lamb-like
Beast of Rev.13:11; false prophet making fire come down from
heaven in Rev.13:13)
. The Rod (Man-child; Elijah messenger) of
God was broken (killed) on April 19th 1993, just as the Assyrian
(Rod of God’s anger)
was broken.

The Christian nations are not to rejoice, for out of his (Man-child’s) roots
shall come forth the Chosen Vessel (Cockatrice); and her fruit (children;
shall be Fiery Flying Serpents (Super-beings who are no longer
in the flesh).
The Man-child SHOULD have ruled all nations with his Rod
of Iron (Word of God; double edge sword), just as the Assyrian SHOULD
have overthrown Jerusalem. Instead, the Man-child gives his scroll (Rod of
unto the Chosen Vessel, see Rev.10:8-10.

The Bride must gather her children (Fiery Flying Serpents) before the great
and dreadful day of God’s anger. The Man-child WAS to rule all nations
(all seven heads of the Babylonian Beast of Rev.13:1)
however he only
wounded one head, being the Great Christian Nation, where the latter day
Lamb was killed. The Rod that smote Palestina (Christendom) was broken.
Out of his (Lamb’s) roots came forth the Chosen Vessel (Cockatrice),
being of the spiritual tribe of Dan, see Gen.49:16-18.

In Is.14:29 it states: Rejoice not thou, whole Palestina (Christendom),
because the Rod (two edge scroll; two edge sword) of him (Man-child)
that smote thee (Babylonian Dragon Beast of Rev.13:1-3) is broken
(Man-child killed)
: for out of the Serpent’s root shall come forth a
Cockatrice (Chosen Vessel of the Man-child; Branch), and his (her)
fruit (children; Firstfruits) shall be Fiery Flying Serpents (Super-beings;
six winged Seraphs and four winged Cherubs).

Is.11:1, And there shall come forth a Rod (Man-child; Messiah) out of the
stem of Jesse
(father of king David; typifying the future messiah called
David, see Hos.3:5)
, and a Branch (Branch, see Is.4:2; Chosen Vessel
of latter king David; Cockatrice, see Is.14:29)
shall grow out of his
(Rod; Man-child; latter day David; whom the Chosen Vessel comes
out of, just as Eve came out of Adam’s side)
roots (the Chosen Vessel
comes forth from the root (side) of the Man-child; Rod)

The Spirit of Prophecy given to the latter day Lamb (Man-child of Rev.12:5)
was also given unto the Chosen Vessel (in double portion), who must
prophesy again before many nations and kingdoms, see Rev.10:11; 11:3.
The Chosen Vessel with the Remaining Bride that was not killed with the
Man-child (Rod of Is.11:1; Serpent of Is.14:29) on April 19th 1993, must
prophesy again to gather her spiritual children (Fiery Flying Serpents;
. The Fellowservants are to be killed with the Chosen Vessel
and the Remaining Bride before the Sixth Seal, see Rev.6:11.

The 144,000 will not die, as they are Sealed with the knowledge of the Seven
Seals Scroll, whereby they are able to stand in the great and dreadful day of
God’s fierce wrath (Sixth Seal of Rev.6:12-17).

The Fiery Flying Serpents who are mentioned in Is.14:29, are the Firstfruits
that are gathered by the Man-child’s Bride; the Bride being the Cockatrice
of Is.14:29. Once the Sixth Seal has been fulfilled and God’s Kingdom, New
Jerusalem has been set up, the Firstfruits are gathered into God’s Kingdom
and thereafter become Super-beings (Fiery Flying Serpents) flying upon
the shoulders of the Philistines.

The reason why the Fiery Flying Serpents (Firstfruits) fly upon the shoulder
of the Philistines, is because God is showing that all the land shall become the
Lord’s. All of the earth shall surrender unto the Kingdom of God, the New

Those who do not obey the voice of the Fiery Flying Serpents, who shall
call the people to come out of Babylon (when God sets up the Kingdom),
will be destroyed by the final plague. The Fiery Flying Serpents (Firstfruits;
Bride’s fruit)
are the ones that fly as a cloud in Is.60:8. The Fiery Flying
Serpents gather the Great Multitude from all nations into the New Jerusalem,
see Is.31:5.

The Rod is a symbol of God’s prophetic Word (scroll), see Jer.1:11,12.
The Serpent (Lamb) and the Cockatrice (Chosen Vessel) of Is.14:29,
are written on each side of the scroll (God’s Word). The young (little)
cow of Is.7:21 symbolizes the Little Scroll (God’s Word) of Rev.10:2.
The two sheep of Is.7:21 symbolize the latter day Lamb and the Chosen
Vessel who are written on each side of the scroll (young cow). The two
Serpents (Lamb and Chosen Vessel) on the one Rod (Little Scroll;
God’s Word),
represent the Serpent and Cockatrice.

The Rod that Moses lifted up in the wilderness with a copper (fiery) serpent
upon it symbolized Christ, see Jn.3:14; Num.21:8. The Rod of Aaron that
was cast down before Pharaoh in Egypt also became a serpent, see Ex.7:10;
see also Ex.4:2,3.

Ezekiel Type Of The Lamb

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