The Prophet Daniel was told to SEAL UP the book, and that the meaning
of the vision would be revealed at the time of the end. (See Daniel 12:4,9)
John the Revelator was told to SEAL UP what the Seven Thunders uttered
(See Rev.10:4), as the Seven Thunders were to be revealed not by John,
but would be revealed by the latter day Lamb at the time of the end.
In Isaiah 29:11-18, we see a book that is SEALED, and the prophecy
promises of a day when the eyes of the blind shall see, and the ears of the
deaf shall hear the words of the book that was sealed.
What Daniel and John were told to seal up, has now been revealed.
For those who have an ear to hear, Prophecy is a LIGHT that shines in a
dark place!

Proverbs 4:18
But the path of the just is as the shining light, that shineth more and
more unto the perfect day.

This website is the official website of many Branch Davidian survivors
who were with David Koresh during the 51 day siege at Mt. Carmel
center, located just outside of Waco Texas.
These survivors fully support and agree with the message of the book
The book SEVEN SEALS and this website, contain NEW LIGHT
(New Truth) as revealed by one of the living survivors.

The studies which are found here are taken from the book SEVEN SEALS.
The book SEVEN SEALS can be downloaded from this site,
or we would be happy to send a free hardcopy upon request.
For more information on how to acquire your copy
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Author's Introduction


Editor's Excerpts

Parable Of The Ten Virgins

The Rhyme, The Reason, And The Song

The First And Second Creation Of The Earth

Return To The Future And Back Again

Darkness Then Light

The End Declared From The Beginning

The Elijah Messenger ||| Mal.4:1-6

The Majestic Rider And His Queen Bride ||| Ps.45

Elisha The Prophet ||| 1Kin.19:16; 2Kin.2:1,9-13

Shekinah Glory ||| Prov.8:1-10,14,19,22,23,27,30,32-36

The Mystery Of Adam's Rib ||| Rom.1:19,20

Perfect Mates In God's Kingdom ||| Mk.12:18-25

Two Covenants

The Manifestations Of Christ

Prophecy Of Two Messiahs ||| Gen.49:8-12,22-26

The Resurrection Of Moses And Translation Of Elijah And Enoch


Crimson To White ||| Isaiah 1:1-31; 2:1-22

The Conclusion Of The Matter ||| Eccl.12:1-14

The Book Was Sealed Until The Time Of The End ||| Rev.1:1,3,9-20

Seven Churches Of Revelation ||| Rev.2:1-29

Present Truth ||| Rev.3:1-22

Key Of David ||| Rev.3:6,7

The One Hour Of Revelation ||| Rev.3:10

Door To The Future ||| Rev.4:1-8,11

The Revelation Of The Four Beasts ||| Rev.4:6,7; 5:8,9

The Redeemed Of The Lord, Latter Day Harvest

The Sealed Scroll ||| Rev.5:1-14

The Lamb And Bride Prophesy

Seven Thunders ||| Rev.6:1-17

The Sealing ||| Rev.7:1,2

'Come and See' ||| Rev.6:1,3,5,7,9

Firstfruits From Every Generation ||| Rev.7:1-17

Seven Trumpets ||| Rev.8:1-13

Five Months Of Torment ||| Rev.9:1-21

God's Army Of Saints ||| Eze.1:1,5,6,10

Shadows Of The Latter Days ||| Zec.1:8-12; 15-21; 5:1-11; 6:1-8

More Mercy For The Great Multitude ||| Hos.1:1-11; 2:1-23; 3:1-5

Eat The Little Open Book ||| Rev.10:1-11

The Prophecy Repeats ||| Rev.10:11; Zech.4:3,4,6

The Remaining Bride Must Prophesy Again

The Two Witnesses ||| Rev.11:1-19

The Two Olive Trees ||| Rev.11:4

The Second Half Hour Of Babylon's Reign ||| Rev.12:1-17

The Religio/Political Beast ||| Rev.13:1-18

The Three Stages Of The Beast

The Whore Of Babylon ||| Rev.17:1-18

The Sealed Book Of Daniel ||| Dan.2:31-36; 38-45; 7:2-8; 5:25-28;
7:9-27; 8:3-26; 9:24-27; 10:1,21; 11:1-45; 12:1-13

Seven Kingdom's ||| Rev.17:10

Latter Day Babylon Revealed

The Daily Is Taken Away

The Past, The Future, And The Beginning ||| Rev.19:1-21

Keys Of Hell And Death ||| Rev.20:1-12,14,15

Sea Of Glass

Fiery Flying Serpents ||| Is.6:2; 11:14; 60:8

Serpent's Root ||| Is.14:29

Ezekiel Type Of The Lamb ||| Eze.4:1-17; 5:3; 6:3,8;
7:2,7-10,15,16,20-22; 8:5-17; 9:1-11

390 Years For The Sins Of Israel

Waters Of Life ||| Eze.47:1-12

The Song Of Moses ||| Deut.31:28-30; 32:1-44

Tests Of The Chosen Vessel

Twelve Parables

Parallels And Reverse Parallels According To Prophecy

Keys To The Kingdom ||| Glossary Of Prophetic Terms

Question And Answer Study Guide ||| Always being updated!

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