Revelation 11: 4
These are the two olive trees, and the two
candlesticks standing before the God of
the earth.

The Two Olive Trees stand by the side of God; one on the Right Hand
of God and one on the Left Hand of the Shekinah Glory. The Two Olive
Trees are the Two Candlesticks, one and the same. Michael holds the
Right Hand position at the side of the throne, and Chosen Vessel (perfect
stands upon the Left Hand of the throne. The position on the Left
Hand of God was once held by Lucifer (Morning Star) who has been
replaced by the ‘New Lucifer’ (Chosen Vessel: having the spirit of
. The Chosen Vessel accepted the Reward from the Lamb
(Seven Seals Revelation)
personally, thereby obtaining the position
upon the Left Hand of God’s throne.

Eze.28:14, Thou (Lucifer) art the anointed (Bride; anointed: Messiah)
cherub (Seraph; Angelic Being) that covereth (Lucifer and Michael
covered the throne seat of God. God told Moses to make the two
Cherubims to cover the mercy seat on each side reflecting Michael
and Lucifer covering God’s throne.)

Ex.25:8,9, And let them make me a sanctuary; that I may dwell among
them according to all that I shew thee, after the pattern of the tabernacle
(Moses was shown the heavenly tabernacle and was commanded to
build the earthly tabernacle in its image.)

1Chr.13:6, the ark of God the LORD, that dwelleth between the cherubims
(see also Ps.80:1; 99:1; Is.37:16)

The earthly sanctuary was made after the pattern that was shown to Moses
in the mount of Ex.25:8,9, which is how it was in heaven prior to Lucifer’s
rebellion; as Lucifer once occupied the Left Hand of the throne of God,
being the covering Seraph of Eze.28:14. The future ‘New Lucifer’ will
occupy this position, having obtained the Reward of the Lamb
(see Rev.5:12)
being the new Chosen Vessel of the Lamb.

Adam and Eve were made in the image of God (Father and Mother) in
Gen.1:26,27. Adam and Eve were the image and re-creation of Michael
and Lucifer. Michael and Lucifer are the image of the heavenly Mother
and Father (Elohiym). The word Lucifer means: light of the morning
(Morning Star). Lucifer in the first creation came forth out of Michael,
who is also the Light of the Morning (Morning Star). Lucifer is also the
Light of the Morning, see Is.14:12, being also the anointed Cherub
see Eze.28:14.

Lucifer came forth from Michael who is also the Son of the Morning in
Rev.22:16, and the anointed of God. Eve came forth from Adam and
was a female Adam, equal in all things; as Adam and Eve were both
named Adam, see Gen.5:2. The same applies in the case of Michael
and Lucifer who share the same title of Morning Star, and Anointed
covering Cherub; just as the Chosen Vessel was first to receive the
Seven Seals Scroll and became equal with the Lamb.

The Two Olive Trees in Rev.11:4, are the same two trees that are on
either side of the river in Rev.22:2, being the trees (Lamb and Chosen
of life that bring forth their children (fruit). The two trees in
Rev.22:2 are Olive Trees which stand on either side of God’s throne;
as shown in the earthly sanctuary of Moses, where the two Cherubims
covered the ark (throne seat) of the covenant.

Zec.4:11, Then answered I, and said unto him, What are these Two Olive
Trees upon the right side of the candlestick and upon the left side thereof?

Zec.4:14, These are the Two Anointed Ones, that stand by (next to) the
Lord of the whole earth.

In Zec.4:14, the Spirit states that the Two Olive Trees are the Anointed
Ones who stand on either side of God’s throne. This is showing the
anointed Lamb (Michael) upon the right side, and the anointed Chosen
Vessel (‘New Lucifer’) upon the left side. See Eze.28:14, which refers
to Lucifer being the anointed and Is.14:12, which refers to Lucifer being
the Bright Morning Star.

The Two Olive Trees symbolize the Lamb (masculine Christ) and Chosen
Vessel (feminine Christ; anointed) who are represented in Rev.22:2.
The trees of life are one of the same, as Adam and Eve were one of the
same. The Two Olive Trees are also the Two Candlesticks (Two Lights)
showing that they are the Bright and Morning Star. In Rev.22:16, Christ
the Lamb is called the Bright and Morning Star, just as Lucifer was called
a Bright and Morning Star in Is.14:12. The Chosen Vessel of the Lamb
(having the spirit of Gabriel), is now the Bright and Morning Star; as
the Chosen Vessel comes forth from the written Word that was made flesh,
and is the first Horse (Bride) unto the Lamb (Rider).

Rev.22:2, In the midst of the street of it, and on either side of the river,
was the tree (two trees; one on either side of the river) of life.

The Tree of Life represents the Chosen Vessel who was gathered from
the last living generation, being the generation in which the Seven Seals
has been revealed. The Chosen Vessel upon the Left Hand of the throne
in Rev.4:6, is symbolized by the Tree of Life (symbolizing Eve; Mother
of all living, Gen.3:20)

Rev.22:2 ...the Tree of Life (Chosen Vessel) which bare twelve manner
of fruit (children of the Remaining Bride).

The twelve manner of fruit (children) represents the Firstfruits (144,000 and
who are born into one of the twelve birth signs (twelve
, typified by the tribes of Israel, see Rev.7:4-8. God uses the types
of the past to show the future. Where there is no type to show a Truth, there
is no Truth in what is presented. The Firstfruits being symbolized by the fruits,
shows that their glory is below the glory of their parents (Two Olive Trees),
though the Firstfruits will become trees themselves as all the redeemed will
go from glory to glory.

Rev.22:2, And the leaves (Revelation; last warning) of the tree were
for the healing of the nations (Great Multitude).

The leaves of the trees represent the last message given to the Gentiles
(Great Multitude), as the Firstfruits gather the Great Multitude from
all nations.

The seeds within the fruits represent the third group that is gathered from
the last generation of the living. The Tree of Life (symbol of Lamb and
Chosen Vessel)
and the fruits (Firstfruits; children of Remaining Bride),
and seeds (Great Multitude) of the fruits, represent the three gatherings
from the last generation of the living.

The seeds of the fruits have a lesser glory than that of the fruits. The seeds
(Great Multitude; symbolized by the seeds of the fruits)
inhabit a body
that is of a lesser glory than that of the fruit’s body (Firstfruits; symbolized
by fruit)
. The fruits (Firstfruits) have a lesser glory than that of the Two
Olive Trees (Lamb and Chosen vessel: Tree of Life on either side of
the river)

The Great Multitude that comes out of all nations is represented by the
seeds of the fruit. The leaves of the fruit represent the last warning that is
given to the world after the Sixth Seal (great and dreadful day of God’s
The last warning is given by the Firstfruits (symbolized by the
fruits on the Tree of Life)
. The leaves of the fruit which are upon the
Tree of Life, are for the healing of the nations (Great Multitude
of Rev.7:9).

The Great Multitude are gathered into the Kingdom of God after the five
months of torment (cleansing of the sanctuary; Sixth Seal) is fulfilled,
see Rev.9:5. It states in Rev.22:2, that the leaves (olive leaves) are for
the healing of the nations. The nations represent the Great Multitude who
are gathered out of all nations, as they take heed unto the last warning
given to the inhabitants of the earth, see Rev.14:6-11.

Rev.7:9, After this I beheld, and, lo, a great multitude, which no man
could number, of all nations, and kindreds, and people, and tongues,
stood before the throne, and before the Lamb, clothed in white robes,
AND PALMS (symbolizing leaves from the Olive Tree of Life)

The last warning given to the inhabitants of the earth to join the Kingdom
of God is given by the Firstfruits (as at that time the earth will soon be
destroyed by the plagues).
The Firstfruits giving the last warning (leaves),
is symbolized by the Great Multitude accepting the warning from the
Firstfruits, and thereby receiving the healing leaves (last warning) into
their hands, as seen in Rev.7:9 (where it is seen that the Great Multitude
are holding palm leaves in their hands).

The Great Multitude having palm leaves in their hands, reveals that they
have received the leaves (olive leaves; last warning) from the Tree of Life.
To receive the leaves from the Tree of Life, is to have accepted the warning
given by the Firstfruits, and thereafter entering into the Kingdom of God
(New Jerusalem). The Kingdom of God is where the literal Tree of Life is,
just as it was in the garden of Eden, see Gen.2:9, see also Lev.23:39,40,
which echoes the Great Multitude having palm leaves in Rev.7:9.

The Word of God is its own interpreter as the Lamb is the Word made flesh.
The Lamb gave the Word (scroll) unto his Bride as a wedding gift, and unto
all those who have an ear to hear what the Holy Spirit saith unto the Christian
churches (virgins).

Is.7:21, And it shall come to pass in that day, that a man (Lamb with the
Seven Seals, sweet and bitter scroll; Immanuel of Is.7:14,15)
nourish a young cow (The young cow should read: small cow or little
cow, symbolizing the Little Scroll in Rev.10:8; being the prophecies
contained in the Word of God that all speak of the Lamb and the
Chosen Vessel)
and two sheep (the two sheep represent the Two
Olive Trees, which are the Two Candlesticks standing upon either
side of the throne of God.)

The two lambs spoken of in Is.7:21, symbolize the one lamb (Man-child)
who is written on one side of the scroll (little cow) and the other lamb
who is written on the other side of the scroll (Chosen Vessel). The little
cow symbolizes the Little Scroll of Rev.10:2, which is the scroll that is
written on both sides in Rev.5:1. The scroll is the two edge sword. The
two lambs (Lamb and Chosen Vessel) are written on either side of the
scroll (little cow), see Rev.10:8; Zec.5:1,3, ref. to the roll that is written
on ‘this side and that side according to it’ (roll; scroll).

Is.7:22, And it shall come to pass, for the abundance of milk (Present
Truth from the young cow)
that they (Lamb and Chosen Vessel written
on each side of the scroll)
shall give (understanding of prophecy) shall he
(Immanuel of Is.7:14,15; Eze.3:1; Jer.15:16,17; Zec.5:1; Rev.10:2,8)
eat butter (bitter prophecies of the scroll): for butter (bitter) and honey
shall everyone eat (The Fellowservants and the 144,000 have
no guile in their mouth as they eat God’s pure Word (Hidden Manna;
Rev.2:17) without any of mans excrement (Abomination) mixed in
with the grains of God’s Truth, see Rev.14:1,5, ref. to no guile in their
mouths, see also the defiled bread of Eze.4:9-12)
that is left in the land
(The 144,000 are taken into the Promised Land of God’s Kingdom
after the Sixth Seal begins, being those who are fed butter and honey
from the little cow (Little Scroll) and the two sheep, (the two sheep
are the Lamb and female Lamb, written on either (both) side of the
Little Scroll: little cow).

The Lamb comes forth from within the throne of God, from the MIDST
of the throne of God, see Rev.5:6. The Chosen Vessel (being the first
of the Bride of the Lamb)
is the new covering Seraph upon the Left
Hand of God’s throne. The Four Beasts who are ROUND ABOUT the
throne are the other Brides of the Lamb. The Lamb is symbolized by the
Four Beasts (Riders) that came forth from the MIDST (middle) of the

The ark that Moses made, was copied from the heavenly pattern of God’s
throne, and is the image of the heavenly tabernacle, see Ex.25:8,9. Therefore,
God’s throne in heaven is represented by the ark of the covenant on earth,
which Moses had made as directed by God. In the earthly sanctuary, the
ark was placed within the most holy place (holiest of holies), which parallels
God’s throne in heaven. Inside the ark of the covenant was placed the golden
pot of manna, Aaron’s Rod that budded, and the tables of the ten
commandments. Above the ark were the covering Cherubims who were
over the mercy seat, see Heb.9:1-5; Ex.16:33; Num.17:10; Deut.10:5.

The Lamb (Four Riders; Angels) who comes from the MIDST of the
throne is represented by the one tablet of stone which has the four
commandments written upon the one side of it. The four commandments
upon the one tablet which is placed within the right side of the ark,
represents the Lamb (Right Hand covering Cherub who has four
wings; four commandments)
. This tablet has four commandments,
symbolizing the four winged covering Cherub (masculine Messiah;

The other tablet of stone has six commandments written upon it, and is
placed within the left side of the ark and represents the Chosen Vessel
(first of the Bride of the Lamb)
who also comes from the MIDST of
the throne. This tablet has six commandments written upon it, and
symbolizes the six winged covering Seraph which is upon the Left
Hand of the throne (ark), covering the mercy seat.

The Rod that budded (the ability to reveal the Seven Seals Scroll)
symbolizes the Two Sided Scroll written of the Lamb (High Priest)
and the Chosen Vessel (High Priestess).

The golden pot of manna that is within the ark symbolizes the written
contents of the scroll, see Rev.5:1. The scroll is rolled together (closed),
as the scroll’s understanding was hidden, just as the pot of manna was
also hidden. The pot of manna is the scroll that John ate in Rev.10:8-11.

The Hidden Manna is the mystery of what is contained in the Seven Seals
Scroll. No man can open (unlock) the scroll except the Lamb and the
Chosen Vessel, being the Two Anointed Ones of God. The Rod that
budded represents the Word of God being revealed by the Lamb and
then the Chosen Vessel (Two Witnesses).

The revealing of the Seven Seals (Hidden Manna) is the only test that
declares without doubt, whose Rod (Bible Scriptures) budded (true
among the people who are following God’s Word. The
scroll which is sealed, is represented by the two tablets of stone. The
scroll of Rev.5:1 is written on both sides, just as there are two tablets
of stone that have writing (commandments) on each tablet.

One side of the scroll (tablet) is written of the Lamb (four winged Cherub
that covers the mercy seat)
. The other side of the scroll (tablet) is written
of his Chosen vessel (six winged Seraph that covers the mercy seat upon
the left side of the ark of the Lord)
. To receive the knowledge of the
Seven Seals Scroll, is to eat of the Hidden Manna, see Rev.2:17.

The position upon the left side of the ark was once held by Lucifer. The
‘New Lucifer’ (Chosen Vessel of the Lamb) will occupy the position that
old Lucifer once held. It is written in prophecy that the Lamb would come
in the latter days with his Reward (scroll; book), which he received from
the one who sits upon the throne in Rev 5:1; to gather his Bride and unseal
(reveal) the Seven Seals.

The Lamb revealed the mystery written on one side of the Seven Seals
Scroll (Hidden Manna) which represents the hidden knowledge that was
in the tree of the knowledge of good and evil in the garden of Eden. When
the Lamb revealed the Seven Seals Mystery, it proved that he was the Lamb
of God and that his Rod (Biblical scriptures) had budded (prophecies
, showing him to be the High Priest of God.

The Lamb gathered his Bride by giving her his Reward, which is a Revelation
of herself also. The Chosen Vessel is written upon the one side of the scroll,
and the Lamb (groom) is written upon the other side of the Lamb’s scroll.
The Lamb’s Scroll of Life which was written through the Prophets of God,
maintains the same theme throughout its pages. The scroll prophesies of the
Lamb of God (budded Rod) gathering his Bride (followers). The scroll
also prophesies of the Remaining Bride gathering her children (Firstfruits).
Thereafter, the children (Firstfruits) of the Remaining Bride bring forth their
children (Ephraim; Great Multitude; Gentiles) into the Kingdom of God.

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