Revelation 6: 1
And I saw when the Lamb opened one
of the seals, and I heard, as it were the
noise of thunder, ONE OF THE FOUR
BEASTS saying, Come and see.

6: 3
And when he had opened the second seal,
I heard the SECOND BEAST say, Come
and see.

6: 5
And when he had opened the third seal,
I heard the THIRD BEAST say, Come
and see.

6: 7
And when he had opened the fourth seal,
I heard the voice of the FOURTH BEAST
say, Come and see.

The Seven Seals which were opened in heaven are images of the
events that are to happen upon the earth. Elijah (Lamb with Seven
Seals; Mal.4:5)
is the latter day messenger who warns the earth of
the great and dreadful day of the Lord. The wise who hear and
accept the Revelation of Elijah (Lamb) represent the Lamb’s

The first group of Four Beasts ROUND ABOUT the throne are the
Bride of the Lamb who were first to hear the Seven Seals Revelation.
The Four Beasts are saying ‘come and see’. This refers to the Bride
(followers of the Lamb) who invited people to ‘Come and see’ the
Lamb reveal the Seven Seals. There shall be a group of Four Beasts
ROUND ABOUT the throne gathered from every new testament

Rev.22:17, And the Spirit (Holy Spirit through the Word of God) and
the bride (followers of the Lamb) say, Come (Come and see). And let
him that heareth say, come. And let him that is athirst (for Truth) come
(see the Seven Seals)
and whosoever will, let him take the water (bitter
waters of Rev.8:10,11)
of life freely (The waters are made sweet in
the Kingdom: New Jerusalem.)

Rev.6: 9
And when he had opened the fifth seal, I
saw under the altar the souls of them that
were slain for the word of God, and for
the testimony which they held:

In Rev.6:9 there are no more Beasts that say ‘Come and see.’ The
Four Beasts which invited people to Come and see the Lamb reveal
the Seals have been killed for the Word (Seven Seals) which they
received. The Four Beasts have been sacrificed upon the altar of
the Fifth Seal (one of the faces of the Four Beasts is of a Calf
(Ox), see both Ezekiel 1:10 (Ox), and Rev.4:7 (Calf); sacrificial
animals for the altar).
The Four Beasts who are ROUND ABOUT
the throne are the 200,000,000 whom the Two Witnesses (Lamb
and Chosen Vessel written on each side of the scroll)
save from
all generations during the three and a half days, see Rev.11:11; just
as Christ (Yahshua) 2,000 years ago returned in the spirit to those
who were in prison (grave; lost), see 1Pet.3:18-20; Mt.27:52;

The latter day Lamb revealed the Seven Seals to his Bride before he
was killed on April 19th 1993. During the three and a half days before
the resurrection of the latter day Lamb and the Chosen Vessel (first
of the Bride)
, the Word of God (Lamb and Chosen Vessel) returns
in spirit to the lost souls who were disobedient in the new testament
period: from Christ (Yahshua) of 2,000 years ago until the Revelation
of the Lamb with the Seven Seals. The Two Witnesses will resurrect
after the three and a half days of Rev.11:11 with all the 200,000,000
Brides (Horses; feminine), see Rev.9:7. The HorseMEN (Riders;
of Rev.9:16 represent the Lamb, who is the husband
to all the 200,000,000 Brides (Horses).

In the first four Seals the Lamb is riding upon a horse (symbolic of
his perfect mate; Bride).
In biblical symbology the horse represents
the feminine perfect mate, see Song.1:9. The Lamb with the Seven
Seals Scroll was the new High Priest, typified by Aaron who was
also a High Priest (after the order of Melchisedec’s priesthood
which Christ later became the head of).
The Four Beasts ROUND
ABOUT the throne are anti-types of the four sons (priest) of Aaron
(High Priest) who were priests ministering in the sanctuary with
Aaron the High Priest, see Ex.28:1; Num.18:1,2.

The Four Beasts (priests) and Twenty-four Elders (kings) are kings
and priests unto God see Rev.5:8-10. The Lamb (High Priest) and
the Chosen Vessel (High Priestess) are the Anointed Ones who are
upon each side of the throne in the most holy place. The Four Beasts
(Four Riders) who came from the MIDST of the throne represent the
Lamb (who received the Seven Seals directly from the Hand of
God before he was killed).
The High Priestess (Chosen Vessel) and
the High Priest (Lamb) both came from the MIDST of the throne
revealing they are equal.

The Chosen Vessel (first among the Bride) received the Lamb’s Reward
(scroll, see Rev.22:12)
before any other creature in the universe, which
set the stage (foundation) for the redemption and fulfillment of God’s
Word. The Bride was the first to receive the Seven Seals in the last
generation of the living (time of the end; the vision is unsealed at the
time of the end, see Daniel 12:4,9)

The Lamb with the Seven Seals is also an anti-type of Jacob (transgressor;
. The four wives of Jacob (Israel) typify the Four Beasts
from ROUND ABOUT the throne, being also the Four Horses in the first
four Seals. The Lamb and the Four Beasts (Remaining Bride) bring forth
their spiritual children who are the Firstfruits (Fellowservants and 144,000).
Jacob (type of the Lamb) and his four brides (type of the Four Beasts)
brought forth twelve sons (twelve tribes of Israel); the twelve sons of Jacob
brought forth their children (multitude), which typifies the Firstfruits (spiritual
twelve sons)
bringing forth the Great Multitude (spiritual Ephraim) in the
Kingdom of God at the Sixth Seal.

The Lamb (Four Beasts/Four Riders from the MIDST of the throne)
and the Chosen Vessel are the High Priest and High Priestess officiating
in the most holy place of the sanctuary. The Four Beasts ROUND ABOUT
the throne are representative of the priestly ministry in the holy place
as the Four Beasts are anti-types of Aaron’s four sons
who ministered in the holy place of the sanctuary of God.

In the past the Twenty-four Elders were the Judges (Ancients) of Judah,
see Eze.8:16. In the latter days they are shown as kings who sit upon
Twenty-four thrones judging within the inner court of God’s sanctuary.
The Great Multitude represent those who are round about the sanctuary,
in the outer courtyard. The Great Multitude represents the ten lost tribes
of Israel. Ephraim being the largest tribe, represents all ten tribes that
were taken captive by the Assyrian.

Firstfruits From Every Generation ||| Rev.7:1-17

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