Revelation 7: 1
And after these things I saw four angels
standing on the four corners of the earth,
holding the four winds of the earth, that
the wind should not blow on the earth,
nor on the sea, nor on any tree.

These Four Angels (Four Riders; Lamb) were once the Four Beasts
who were in the MIDST of the throne. The Angels have been resurrected
from the Babylon (river Euphrates), see Rev.9:14,15. The Four Angels
were once in the flesh (Four Beasts; face of a calf; Ox) and were killed
for their faith in the Word of God (Seven Seals); being the Four Riders
who are with the souls under the altar of Rev.6:9-11. These Four Angels
(Four Riders) represent the latter day Lamb who shall be resurrected in
all generations spanning from the time after Christ 2,000 years ago up to
the last generation.

During the three and a half days after the Lamb and Chosen Vessel are
killed, a dreamworld is set up in every generation from the time of Christ
2,000 years ago. In this dreamworld all the Seals are fulfilled, therefore
in each generation there is a Bride to be gathered; in each generation
people are martyred for the testament, and all the past generations shall
see the return of Christ and the resurrection of the Saints.

The Lamb is the Word made flesh, therefore all the redeemed will be the
Bride of the Lamb, though all will not attain the same glory. The nearer
you are to the throne, the greater the glory will be given you. The Chosen
Vessel who came from the MIDST of the throne is equal in glory unto the
Lamb who also came from the MIDST of the throne. In eternity, everyone’s
glory will evolve and become more and more glorious. All the redeemed
shall experience greater and greater glories through eternity.

The Four Angels (Lamb in Angelic form) of Rev.7:1, are about to fulfill
the Sixth Seal of Rev.6:12. God declared the plan of salvation to his
servants the Prophets, so shall it be done. At the time of the literal
fulfillment of Rev. 7:1, these Four Angels (Four Riders of Rev.6:1-8)
will be the Word of God manifest into reality, hence, the Word made

The redeemed in the latter days are written in the Lamb’s Scroll of Life.
The redeemed know which group they are in because they receive the
Revelation of the Seven Seals. The book (Scroll of Life) contains
prophecies relating to the Lamb and the Chosen Vessel, the Remaining
Bride, and the Remaining Bride’s children. The wise shall understand
these things, since they were made wise by accepting the Revelation of
the Seven Seals, see Dan.12:8-10. To be wise means to understand the
Seven Seals Revelation as revealed by the Chosen Vessel, who is now
equal to the Lamb.

The vision of the Four Angels of Rev.7:1, is the same vision that was
shown to the Prophet Ezekiel while he was a captive of Babylon. The
vision of the Four Angels (Lamb in Angelic form) will be fulfilled when
the Lamb has resurrected from the river Euphrates (Babylon), see

Eze.9:2, And behold, six (five men) men (Sealing Angel and Four
came from the way of the higher gate (the New Jerusalem
which sits upon the sea of glass round the earth in the future of
our time, see Is.40:22; Nah.1:3; our lives are of the past, see
, which lieth toward the north (heaven), and every man
(Four Angels of Rev.7:1) a slaughter weapon in his hand; and one
man (Sealing messenger in human flesh) among them was clothed
in linen (garments of the High Priest, see Ex.28:1-5), with a writer’s
inkhorn (Seal of God; Seven Seals, see Rev.7:2) by his side: and they
went in, and stood beside the brasen altar (sacrificial altar).

In Eze.9:2, the vision is the same as the vision in the book (scroll) of
Rev.7:1,2. There are five men coming from the future higher gate of
New Jerusalem where there was war in heaven, see Rev.12:7. The
Four Angels (Lamb in Angelic form) of Rev.7:1 are the same as the
four men with slaughter weapons in their hands in Eze.9:2. The one
man (God’s messenger in human form) with the writer’s inkhorn
by his side in Eze.9:3 is the same vision of the Angel (God’s messenger
in human form)
that ascends from the east in Rev.7:2.

Rev.7: 2
And I saw another angel ascending from
the east, having the seal of the living God:
and he cried with a loud voice to the four
angels, to whom it was given to hurt the
earth and the sea,

The Angel who ascends from the east (just as the sun rises in the
east; and just as Cyrus of old came from the east to the Promised
Land, being a type of the latter day Lamb)
is the Lamb with the
Seven Seals; the Lamb being the Word made flesh. The written
Word has prophesied that the 144,000 (Remnant) will be Sealed
before the time of trouble which God brings upon those who are not
Sealed, see Rev.9:4; Eze.9:6. The Angel (Anointed One) from the
east, reveals that a number of 144,000 Firstfruits will be Sealed before
the Sixth Seal time of trouble begins.

The time of the Sixth Seal is when the Four Angels (Lamb in Angelic
are loosed (resurrect) upon those without God’s Seal (knowledge)
in their foreheads (minds). To have the Seal is to have the knowledge of
the Seven Seals Revelation in your forehead (mind) in place of the mark
(knowledge) of the Beast (Christendom), which is the knowledge of the
Beast’s system of religio/political ideals.

The knowledge of Christendom contradicts the knowledge of the Seven
Seals Revelation which reveals the plan of salvation. The mark (knowledge)
of the Beast (Christendom) is the Abomination (false worship) that makes
the believer desolate (spiritually dead). The Four Angels (Four Riders)
of Rev.7:1 are the Bridegroom of the 200,000,000 who are gathered by
the Two Witnesses (Word of God) in the last generation and during the
three and a half days before the resurrection, see Rev.11:11.

The 200,000,000 are also of the souls of the past dead, who accept
the covenant of the Seven Seals in the dreamworld, being represented
by the Four Beasts ROUND ABOUT the throne. The Lamb preached
first to the Four Beasts gathered from the last generation while he was
still in the flesh. The Four Beasts are the anti-type of Jacob’s four wives;
as Jacob’s four wives gave birth to the twelve sons of the Princes (sons)
of God (Israel). The Lamb (groom) and the Four Beasts (Remaining
bring forth the Firstfruits who represent the spiritual twelve tribes.

The Four Angels (Lamb in Angelic form) in Rev.7:1 are the Riders of
the redeemed (200,000,000 Horses) who are resurrected in Rev.9:3,7;
Mt.24:31; Eze.37:1-14; Joel 2:2-11; Is.13:1-11; Rev.19:11-21. The
Angel in Rev.7:2, having the Seal of the living God, represents the Two
Witnesses (two sided scroll) who resurrect with those whom the Two
Witnesses save while being alive in the spirit (during the three and a
half days).

The Four Beasts ROUND ABOUT the throne each have six wings,
showing they are Seraphs. The Seraphs are feminine. In Is.6:2, the
Seraphim have six wings, four wings cover their body. God covered
Adam and Eve with skins in the garden of Eden. Eve (feminine)
required more clothing to cover her nakedness than Adam (masculine).
The Seraphim use two wings to cover the upper parts (breasts), two
wings to cover the lower parts, and the other two wings are raised up.
The Cherub (Man-child: Four Riders) of Eze.1:5,6 have four wings,
showing they are masculine and only require two wings to cover the
body of sin, compared to four wings covering the body of Seraph.

'Come and See' ||| Rev.6:1,3,5,7,9

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