Romans 1:19
Because that which may be known of God is
manifest in them; for God hath shewed it
unto them.

For the invisible things of him from the
creation of the world are clearly seen,
being understood by the things that are
made, even his eternal power and Godhead;
so that they are without excuse.

The hidden things of God can be understood through the works of God’s
Hand. For God has recorded the things from creation in the writings of the
Prophets. The things of God have been shown unto them (people) who
dwell on the earth, see Rom.1:19.

Adam and Eve were the first to whom God showed the works of his hands.
The things that cannot be seen concerning God (being the invisible things),
have been shown from the creation of this world (the days of Adam and Eve),
and are written in the book of Genesis, see Rom.1:20. Even God’s eternal
power and Godhead has been clearly seen through the works of God’s Hand;
being that which was created in six days, and God resting on the seventh day.

On the sixth day God created mankind upon the face of the earth, after
having completed all other forms of life upon the planet, see Gen.1:26,27.
God (Elohiym; plural) being the Father (masculine Holy Spirit) and the
Mother (feminine Holy Spirit) of creation, conceived in their likeness and
image, the first two humans upon the earth. Adam and Eve were created in
the image of the Elohiym (God the Father and God the Mother), showing
that God’s image is masculine and feminine.

On the sixth day of creation God formed Adam from the dust of the ground
(Adam, meaning: Red; color of Eden’s clay). God knew by experience
that it is not good for a man to be alone without his feminine mate, since God
the father had his feminine equal, the Holy Spirit (the Holy Spirit being one
with God the Father)

Knowing that it is not good for Adam to be on his own, God caused a deep
sleep to fall upon Adam, as stated in Gen.2:21. With the one rib that God took
from the side of Adam, God made Eve (Eve, meaning: mother of all living).
The day that God created woman from the rib of Adam was also on the sixth
day. What happened in the first six days of creation is stated in Gen.1:3-31 and
further expounded in Gen.2:4-25. A mystery was revealed when God made a
woman (Eve) from the rib of Adam.

God removed one of Adam’s ribs from his side then created a woman with the
rib, instead of creating the woman from the dust of the ground. The woman
having come from Adam’s rib revealed that the woman (Eve) came from the
midst of Adam. Eve was Adam’s feminine mate, found within Adam rather than
God forming a separate being. Eve was a female Adam, as God called THEIR
name Adam, see Gen.5:2. Adam and Eve were a male and female Adam, in the
day (sixth day) that they were created.

To understand the hidden things of God is to understand what took place at
creation. God shows his image (male and female) through the works of his
hand, see Rom.1:20. We can understand the mysteries of God through the
details God has used in creating this world; that which was first shown to
Adam and Eve. There remains no excuse to those who live in this world, as
all of God’s creation declares the masculine and feminine image of God.

It is clear that out of Adam came forth a female Adam, being bone of his
bones, flesh of his flesh, see Gen.2:22-25. The creation of earth is a mirror
image of the heavenly sphere. Adam and Eve being in the mirror image of
God the Father, and God the Mother (Holy Spirit).

The removal of Adam’s rib to make a woman is a mirror image of what had
taken place in heaven. Out of Adam came forth a female Adam (Eve), being
equal in all things; Adam being first amongst equals, though Eve was always
within Adam and is Adam. The same scenario applies in the heavenly realm.
Out of God the Father came forth God the Mother (Holy Spirit) being equal
in all things. The Father is first amongst equals. In the heavenly sense of the
parallel, the Holy Spirit came forth from the Eternal and has always dwelt in
the Eternal body.

The Eternal body became masculine and feminine, just as Adam became male
and female. The Holy Spirit is feminine. The Holy Spirit is our heavenly Mother.
The heavenly parents are the Elohiym. Elohiym (Gods; Plural) said, Let Us
(God the Father and Mother) make mankind (Adam and Eve) in Our image
(masculine and feminine) after Our likeness, see Gen.1:26,27. The Holy Spirit
came forth from God just as Eve came forth from Adam.

The invisible things of God are clearly seen from that which God has created.
Wisdom is personified as a woman, see Prov.8:1. Wisdom is none other than
the Holy Spirit, who is the feminine Glory of God. God had possessed Wisdom
(Holy Spirit) from the very beginning of God’s ways, see Prov.8:22. Wisdom
was set up (came forth) from Everlasting (beginning of God), showing that
Wisdom came out of God (Everlasting), just as Eve came out (Adam’s rib)
of Adam, see Prov.8:23.

Those who sin against Wisdom (Holy Spirit) have rejected Present Truth,
thereby causing themselves to be lost, see Prov.8:36. If you reject Present
Truth, then you are rejecting Wisdom (Holy Spirit) and committing the
unpardonable sin, see Mt.12:31. To believe that God’s image is not
masculine and feminine is to believe an Abomination, as God created
mankind in the image and likeness of Elohiym.

There are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word (God’s
written Word made flesh)
and the Holy Ghost (Mother), see 1Jn.5:7. The
Father being God the Father, and the Word being the Son, then by all logic,
the Holy Ghost is the Mother. There can be no son without a father and a
mother, therefore the Holy Spirit is God’s feminine equal.

If one was to study the human skeleton there would be seen TWO missing ribs
in the skeleton of a man. The story recorded in Genesis where God took just
one rib out of Adam’s side and made Eve, leaves us with a mystery: why are
there two ribs missing in the male skeleton?

After God (Elohiym; Mother and Father) had created all life (including
Adam and Eve on the sixth day),
God told Adam and Eve to be fruitful and
multiply. In the King James version of Genesis; God tells Adam and Eve to
REPLENISH the earth, which means to put back life (humans) that were
once upon the earth, see Gen.1:28. The earth being covered with water
revealed that God had covered up the earth with water, prior to Adam and
Eve being created, see Gen.1:2.

The knowledge that was in the tree of good and evil fruit, was the knowledge
of good and evil acquired from the experiences of the first creation, before the
creation of Adam and Eve. The reason why God destroyed the first creation
(the creation before Adam and Eve, see Gen.1:2),
was because God saw it
to be evil. The evil knowledge that was in the tree that had the knowledge of
good and evil, had been acquired from the first creation.

The first creation (before Adam and Eve), was of Michael (Adam type) and
Lucifer (Eve type). In the first creation God was acquiring knowledge through
experience, of how the universal beings should live, as God was seeing which
laws worked and which laws did not work.

In the garden of Eden when Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit, their eyes
were opened and they knew the knowledge of nakedness and shame, see
Gen.3:6,7. The knowledge of nakedness came from the first creation that
was before Adam and Eve, as all evil came from the first creation. The
creation of Adam and Eve is a repeat (image) of the first creation that was
before Adam and Eve. There is nothing new under our sun, for it has all been
done before in the first creation before Adam and Eve, see Eccl.1:9,10; 3:15.

When God took a rib out of Adam to make a female Adam (Eve), Adam
already had one rib missing, because the body of Adam was the same body
that the spirit of Michael had inhabited. In the first creation (before the Adam
and Eve of Genesis),
God took a rib from Michael (just as God later took
a rib out of Adam)
and made a female Michael. The female Michael was
Lucifer (Eve type) who came from the rib of Michael (Adam type) in the
first creation (before the Adam and Eve of Genesis).

Eventually God destroyed the first creation. God decided that it was evil and
covered it up with water (see Gen.1:2), God then went into the future. No
one knew what had once taken place upon the earth before the Adam and
Eve of Genesis. Thereafter, God created and populated the universe with
beings having the good (new) law written in their hearts and minds which
was found out from the first creation.

For out of the darkness (night; old evil law) came forth light (day; new good
. God resurrected all the humans that were the children of Michael and
Lucifer of the first creation (being the parallel of this earth), and those spirits
were placed into Angelic bodies to dwell with God around his throne. God kept
secret the first abode of the Angelic Beings until the manifestation of the latter
day Lamb.

Lucifer’s rebellion in heaven caused God to reveal the past creation, which God
had covered and forgotten. God had no choice but to reveal unto Lucifer her
past, as can be seen by the re-creation of Adam and Eve in Genesis. When
Lucifer saw Adam and Eve created in the earth, she was seeing a re-creation
(image) of her past life as a human. Therefore, when God re-created Adam
from the dust of the ground, Adam already had one rib missing. That first rib,
was the rib that God used to create the human Lucifer (Eve type) in the first

God removed a second rib from Adam in Gen.2:22, to make the second Eve
as stated in Gen.2:23. The male skeleton has two missing ribs, the first rib was
used in the first creation to make Lucifer a human body. The second rib was
removed from Adam in Gen.2:21,22, to make the second Eve (second
Adam and Eve were told to REPLENISH the earth, see Gen.1:28.
Adam and Eve REPLENISHED the earth with people, just as it was in the first
creation. There is nothing new under our sun, as we are repeating the first
creation of things, see Eccl.1:9,10; 3:15.

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