The Remaining Bride represents those who received the Revelation of the
Seven Seals Scroll from the latter day Lamb (Man-child of Rev.12:5). The
Revelation of the Seven Seals Scroll which the Lamb revealed unto his Bride
(followers), is the early rain (Song of the Lamb) which comes in the first
month of Passover to prepare the barley harvest for the Passover offering

As foretold in prophecy, the latter day Lamb was killed, see Dan.9:26;
Is.22:25; Rev.12:5 and Dan.11:31. Before the latter day Lamb (who
revealed the Seven Seals Revelation)
was killed, he gathered his Bride
fulfilling the prophecies which are written on the one side of the Lamb’s
scroll (scroll of Rev.5:1).

Those who were killed with the Lamb on February 28 and April 19th 1993,
were killed by SWORD (gun shot), and by FLAME (burnt to death) see
Dan.11:33. These are the souls who are waiting under the altar of the Fifth
Seal, see Rev.6:9,10. On February 28 and April 19th 1993, when some of
the Bride was killed with the Lamb, the spiritual children (Firstfruits) of the
Remaining Bride had not yet been brought forth (born), see Is.26:17-20.

The Remaining Bride who was not killed by sword (gun shot) or flame,
are those who are now in Babylonian (spiritual Babylon) captivity, see
Dan.11:33. The Remaining Bride is given the Little Help in Dan.11:34 from
the hand of the Chosen Vessel (first among the Remaining Bride), which
is the final test of the Remaining Bride; to make her white unto salvation.
With the Little Help that the Remaining Bride is given, she is to labor (work;
prophesy again)
to bring forth the Firstfruits (her spiritual children) before
the great and dreadful day of God’s wrath (Sixth Seal).

The Little Help is the Little Scroll of Rev.10:2, which the Chosen Vessel
receives from the Lamb as seen in Rev.10:8-10. The Chosen Vessel gives
the Remaining Bride the bread (Manna) of life that she may be nourished
thereby knowing what the prophecies mean as they are written on the
other side of the Little Scroll regarding her destiny. After the Remaining Bride
has accepted the Little Help from the Chosen Vessel (symbolized by John in
, then she MUST prophesy again, see Rev.10:11; 11:3.

The Remaining Bride is fed (nourished) with the new Revelation which is
written on the other side of the scroll, otherwise she will die spiritually in the
wilderness. Those who reject the Little Help will be as the five foolish virgins
who did not understand that there was to be a delay as foretold in prophecy,
see Rev.10:6,7.

The Man-child WAS to (but did not) rule all nations with his Rod (two edge
of Iron, see Rev.12:5. When the Babylonian Beast heals its wound as
stated in Rev.13:3, then there is to be a delay of 1,260 days (42 months), see
Rev.13:5; Dan.12:7. The Remaining Bride (after eating of the new
latter rain) MUST prophesy again unto the Firstfruits.

The Firstfruits represent the two wave loaves as stated in Lev.23:17, this
reveals that there are two groups of Firstfruits. The one group of Firstfruits
(one loaf)
represents the Fellowservants mentioned in the Fifth Seal, see
Rev.6:11. The Fellowservants are to be killed with the Remaining Bride
to fulfill the Fifth Seal prophecy. The other wave loaf of Firstfruits represents
the 144,000 who do not die.

The 144,000 represent those unto whom the seed of Truth (Seven Seals) is
sown, but are not gathered until after the Sixth Seal, being the Blessed of
Dan.12:12. The 144,000 give glory to God as seen in Rev.11:13, as they
are the Remnant (remainder) of the Firstfruits. After the Remaining Bride is
killed with the Fellowservants (Firstfruits who die with the Remaining
, the Dragon (Babylon) then goes after the remaining Firstfruits who
are the 144,000 at that time, see Rev.12:17.

If you take note in Rev.12:17, the Dragon Beast of Babylon goes
after the remainder (Remnant) of the woman’s (Remaining Bride’s) seed
(children; Firstfruits). This reveals that some of the woman’s seed
are killed. The Dragon is no longer after the woman (Remaining Bride), but is angry with the remnant of her seed (144,000 who remain
alive, see Rev.12:17).

The Remaining Bride (woman) is killed with some of her children
(Fellowservants), which is the complete fulfillment of the Fifth Seal.
Those who die with the Remaining Bride (Brethren, Rev.6:11) are
mentioned as the Fellowservants, see Rev.6:11.

The Twenty-four Elders in Rev.4:4, represent the Firstfruits. Half of the
Twenty-four Elders represents the one loaf of Lev.23:17 (which are those
who are killed with the Remaining Bride fulfilling the Fifth Seal).
other half of the Twenty-four Elders represent the other wave loaf in
Lev.23:17 (being the 144,000, which are listed under the twelve
names of the sons (elders) of Jacob, see Rev.7:5-8).

Those who were not killed on April 19th 1993 (having received the
Revelation of the Seven Seals from the Lamb)
must now accept the
New Light from the Chosen Vessel who reveals through the scriptures
what the Remaining Bride must fulfill.

The Firstfruits that are gathered by the Remaining Bride must also join the
Remaining Bride in prophesying the new Revelation which is written of the
Remaining Bride’s destiny. Those Firstfruits who assist the Remaining Bride
in prophesying again (the New Light from the Chosen Vessel), are the
ones who fulfill the prophecy of the Fellowservants in Rev.6:11.

The Chosen Vessel is the one that gathers those who will replace the unfaithful
virgins (brides). Therefore, those who do not accept the Little Help (Little
from the Chosen Vessel, will be as the five foolish virgins who ran out
of oil (Truth); thereby allowing others to take their crown, just as Judas was
replaced by the Apostle Saul (Paul).

None are to take these words lightly, for the Chosen Vessel has revealed
Truth according to the written Word of the Prophets, and of their testimony
which is recorded in scripture (Thus Saith the Lord). All those of the
Remaining Bride MUST now support the Revelation of the Chosen Vessel,
and prophesy again as stated in Rev.10:11; 11:3.

There is no number indicated in prophecy concerning those who will die with
the Remaining Bride fulfilling the Fifth Seal. The prophecy of the Fifth Seal of
Rev.6:11, will be fulfilled if only but a few Fellowservants die with the
Remaining Bride (Brethren). The 144,000 are those who at this time may
only show an interest in the Seven Seals Truth. However, at the time when
the Remaining Bride is killed with the Fellowservants (fulfilling the 1,260
days (42 months) prophecy),
the 144,000 will understand and be Sealed,
as seen in Rev.11:13.

The Two Witnesses (Chosen Vessel and the Lamb) with the 200,000,000
army of Saints will arise, being a sign for the 144,000 (who had previously
been studying the New Light; Hidden Manna)
who will then believe that
prophecy is being fulfilled. The 144,000 give glory unto God, and are thereby
Sealed in their foreheads (having their Father’s surname; the Seal of the
LAMB, see Rev. 14:1)
. The 144,000 will be able to stand in the great and
dreadful day of God’s wrath (Sixth Seal), see Rev.6:17.

Those that received the Revelation of the Seven Seals from the Lamb
personally must also receive the new Revelation, and prophesy again
immediately; thereby showing that they are faithful servants. Otherwise
they will be as the wicked servant that was entrusted with the Lord’s
money (Truth), and buried the money in the ground.

The Bride that receives the Revelation, but does nothing with it to gain
others unto salvation (as their own pride and foolishness, with the
cares of this life caused them to be unfruitful servants in God’s
will be those who reject the New Light (Little Help). The
Chosen Vessel that was shown this New Light (Little Help; Little
is first amongst equals, and will remain that way until the final
fulfillment of the Fifth Seal. The Spirit of Truth will orchestrate the final
outcome of the Remaining Bride’s situation through the Chosen Vessel.

Those who refuse to receive the Little Help (prophecies concerning the
Remaining Brides destiny)
, by rejecting what the Chosen Vessel has
revealed through the Spirit of Prophecy, will not be with the Chosen Vessel
(and those with him who have accepted the Little Help: Little Scroll)
when the final fulfillment of the Fifth Seal takes place. God will reveal all the
details only through the Chosen Vessel (2Pet.1:20,21).

As the final event of the Fifth Seal approaches, only those who are in
communication and acceptance of the Chosen Vessel will fulfill the Fifth
Seal. Therefore, without accepting the new Revelation from the Chosen
Vessel, that person will be found wanting and left in the cold darkness.
The test to make the Remaining Bride white, is to accept and follow the
word of the Chosen Vessel through to the completion of the Fifth Seal.

The Two Witnesses ||| Rev.11:1-19

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