Q> Lucifer was created perfect, yet pride (sin) was found
in Lucifer. How is God going to ensure that sin will not
rise up again, since all knowledge of this world and its
evils will not be remembered?

A> Eze.28:14
Thou (Lucifer) art the ANOINTED CHERUB (Seraph) that covereth;
and I have set thee so: thou wast upon the holy mountain
(Zion in
New Jerusalem)
of God; thou hast walked up and down in the midst
of the stones of fire
(sea of glass mixed with fire, see Rev.15:2).

Thou (Lucifer) wast PERFECT in thy ways from the day that thou
wast created
(physical body), till iniquity was found in thee (iniquity
was found in Lucifer’s spirit)

Lucifer was once a human upon the first creation of this earth. As Eve was to
Adam in the re-creation, so the human Lucifer (first Eve) was to Michael (first
Adam) in the first creation. After God saw by experience the good and the evil
which existed in the first creation, God caused the inhabitants of the earth to
be destroyed in a flood of water (not Noah’s flood). Thereafter God placed
a sphere of water above the firmament (atmosphere) of the first earth, and the
water was made into twelve foundations and a layer of diamond (sea of glass)
on the top layer.

Upon these foundations of gem stones was created the abode of the Angels.
There is soil, trees, mountains and rivers upon the foundations which surround
the earth. All the spirits which were in human form in the first creation were
placed in new Angelic bodies.

Lucifer’s spirit which was once in human form during the first creation, was
placed into an awesome Angelic body which covered the left side of God’s
throne. Michael’s spirit was placed in an awesome Angelic body covering the
right side of God’s throne. No Angelic being, or any other being, had any
knowledge regarding their first lives as humans during the first creation.

While the Angels were existing happily in heaven (above earth’s firmament)
around the earth, Michael and Lucifer were the Morning Stars in God’s
presence. This meant that Michael and Lucifer would mature in wisdom
before any other Angel or being. All wisdom (light) was given to them
directly by the invisible God and they passed this wisdom (knowledge)
on throughout all the ranks of Angels.

God physically created Lucifer’s Angelic body perfectly, however the SPIRIT
which was placed in Lucifer still had the ‘DNA’ of all the evil knowledge (i.e.
pride, hate etc.) which existed in the first creation. The DNA of the physical
body tells a different story from the ‘DNA’ of the spirit within the body. The
body is a physical vehicle which has a physical history encoded in its DNA.
The spirit within the body is a spiritual driver (controller) of the physical body.
The spirit has a history also encoded in its ‘DNA’.

If one were to decode the DNA of the physical body we could trace the
physical history all the way back to the first man (Adam) and the first
woman (Eve), from whom all humans originated. If it were possible to
decode the ‘DNA’ of the spirit which dwells in our body, we would
trace the history of our spirit, and see it dwelling in an Angelic body,
and thereafter the spirit would be traced to a human body of the
first creation.

A spirit which has been placed in a human body since the re-creation of Adam
and Eve of Genesis, also exists in an Angelic body in the future from our time.
The same spirit which dwells in the Angelic body once inhabited a human body
during the first creation.

Lucifer was created physically perfect, though her spirit was able to manifest
the evils of the first creation into her Angelic mind and heart subconsciously.
Lucifer became proud in heaven, because Lucifer’s spirit had the past ‘DNA’
knowledge of the things which existed during the first creation. Lucifer’s pride
was the beginning of a subtle rebellion against the invisible God. Many Angels
also revealed their spirit’s inclinations by rebelling against God and agreeing
with Lucifer’s view point.

God did not make a mistake with Lucifer’s physical angelic body, rather
God created and allowed a series of events, that the spirits of those with
God may be manifested at some time. Everything that has taken place
regarding the Angelic beings was inevitable. This earth and the evils of it,
are a stage to manifest a person’s spirit. Whatever spirit a person is of
(righteous Angel or rebellious Angel) will be clearly manifested by the
Revelation of God’s Word.

None of the Angels who dwell in heaven (above the firmament of the earth
in the future of our day) were given the choice to choose good over evil
during the first creation. God decided to save all the human spirits of the
first creation and placed them in Angelic bodies with minds and hearts
knowing only good.

God could have given the people of the first creation an opportunity to
choose God’s revealed Word over false doctrine, just as it is being done
in our world since Adam and Eve. The character of God is seen to be
righteous, having unconditionally given all the spirits of the first creation
awesome Angelic bodies to dwell in.

The past can always be repeated in the mind of God, where it is like virtual
reality yet we only exist as humans in God’s mind. All humans upon this earth
are replaying a scenario which is happening in God’s mind, though in reality
our spirits are in the real life realm within Angelic bodies. The universe that
our world dwells in is a repeat of what was once here. God is, as it were,
dreaming this scenario into life.

The world of the Angelics where we humans really dwell as Angels, is
interactive with this world which is played in the mind (dream) of God.
For instance, when we dream: in our dream our mind creates a world
using the knowledge of experiences we gain when we are awake. A
person’s mind while dreaming, creates people, cars, buying and selling
etc. While you are in your dream, the characters in your dream (which
your mind created), may be driving cars, in shops buying goods, working
etc., yet all the characters in your dream shall end their virtual life when
you wake up.

In God’s case, God has dreamed all the spirits of the Angels back into
human bodies (as they once were) to choose the good over the evil.
God’s mind is beyond knowing, and it is not subject to the frailties of
the human mind. Neither does God get tired or disheartened. All the
Angels in heaven who rebelled against God’s Word, shall also be the
ones who reject God’s revealed Word upon this re-created world of
virtual reality. All the redeemed who are to be saved in this re-created
world, are of the same spirits in Angelic bodies who were faithful to
God’s Word in heaven.

The whole point of our creation being played in God’s mind (a realm to
repeat the former (past) creation), is that all spirits in human bodies have
been given the opportunity to willingly choose the good and reject the evil.
God has allocated no place for evil to dwell, therefore those who choose
evil (false doctrine) over good (good doctrine: Seven Seals Scroll) will not
be permitted to inhabit a body of flesh again. All the redeemed who choose
the good will cause the ‘DNA’ in their spirit to have a recording of having
made that choice. This means that all the Angels (Saints) who shall dwell
with Christ (Michael) and God during the millennium, will have in their
celestial Angelic bodies the genetic data that good was chosen and
preferred over the evil.

God is able to do and accomplish all things. The spirits of the redeemed shall
never rebel against God, since they had the opportunity in heaven, and chose
not to. All the redeemed have revealed their spirit, and because they chose to
stand for God’s revealed Word, it will be written (coded) in the ‘DNA’ of their
spirit. It will be impossible for any of the redeemed in the new heaven and new
earth to rebel against God as Lucifer did. Lucifer had an opportunity to rebel
against God, and she did, and many Angels followed with her. Michael stood
by God, and many Angels stood by Michael.

The fate of the righteous Angels is set forever. Sin shall not rise up a second
time. All the redeemed have experienced evil and good in this re-created
world, and the righteous spirits who choose the good knowledge over the
evil (by recognizing God’s voice) will be righteous forever. The choice is
freely made by every spirit which is dwelling in these human vessels.

The hour of temptation began when the Lamb revealed one side of the
Seven Seals Scroll. During the latter part of the hour of temptation, the
Chosen Vessel is revealing God’s Will through the scriptures. There are
many voices in Babylon during the hour of temptation. There are many
pursuits and leisurely, lustful activities in the lands of Babylon. The wise
shall not be deceived during the hour of Babylon’s reign.

For the great and dreadful day of the Lord fast approaches. Only those who
recognized God’s voice of Present Truth shall stand during the terrible time
of trouble such as never was. God so loved the world, that he sent in the
latter days, the Two Witnesses (Lamb and Chosen Vessel) to reveal the
written biblical prophecies. Whoever shall believe their Word will be saved
and escape the time of trouble, for the mouth of the Lord has spoken it.

How long did the first creation last, and what happened
to the dinosaurs?

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