Ezekiel 4: 1
THOU also, son of man, take thee a tile, and
lay it before thee, and portray upon it the city,
even Jerusalem:

God (Holy Spirit) tells Ezekiel to draw (portray) upon a tile (clay tablet)
the city Jerusalem (capital of Judah). Ezekiel is lying on his front side
while he draws the city Jerusalem upon the clay tablet (tile).

When Jehoiakim reigned, Daniel was among the first captives to be brought
to Babylon; taken into captivity during the first invasion of Jerusalem by king
Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon, see Dan.1:1; 2Kin.23:36. Ezekiel was among
the second group of captives when God spoke to him. Ezekiel was taken
captive during the reign of king Jehoiachin, see Eze.1:1,2. Ezekiel was among
the captives who were taken from Jerusalem (by king Nebuchadnezzar of
during the reign of king Jehoiachin whom Nebuchadnezzar had
appointed as king over Jehoiakim.

After Jehoiakin’s reign, Zedekiah reigned in his (Jehoiakin’s) stead. Zedekiah
was appointed by Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon to reign in Jerusalem. After
a while, Zedekiah rebelled against Babylon, even though God had instructed
through the Prophets Jeremiah and Ezekiel that the Israelites were to serve
Babylon for 70 years, see Jer.25:11; 29:10. Therefore God instructed
Ezekiel to portray upon the tile what shall happen to Zedekiah and those
with him in Jerusalem.

The prophesies of Ezekiel (from chapter four to chapter nine) foretold what
happened to Jerusalem at the third invasion by Babylon (God’s Rod). From
the first invasion by the king of Babylon until the time that Babylon was
overthrown (by the Medo/Persian kingdom), Jerusalem had served
the kingdom of Babylon for 70 years, see Jer.25:9-12.

When the city of Jerusalem was invaded during the reign of Zedekiah (and the
city and temple was burnt to the ground)
30 years had already passed of the
70 years. The 70 years began when Nebuchadnezzar invaded Judah and took
Jerusalem captive during the reign of Jehoiakim king of Judah; Daniel being
among the captives of the first invasion by king Nebuchadnezzar. Jerusalem
served the king of Babylon for 70 years until the Medo/Persian kingdom of
Cyrus overthrew the kingdom of Babylon ending the 70 years.

In Ezekiel chapter four, God warned what would happen to Jerusalem. Ezekiel
chapter nine typifies the literal outcome upon Jerusalem at the hand of king
Nebuchadnezzar (God’s Rod), see Jer.52:1-34; 2Kin.24:10-16; 25:1-10;

The third invasion of Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon, destroyed
the temple by burning it to the ground. God sent Nebuchadnezzar to cleanse the
temple at Jerusalem with fire.

The people of Judea had made their worship and sacrifice an Abomination,
therefore God cleansed His sanctuary of the Abomination, by the hand of
Nebuchadnezzar (God’s Rod), see Eze.33:21. From the time when
Nebuchadnezzar ruled Jerusalem until the burning of the temple, 30
years had passed of the 70 year prophecy, see Jer.25:11,12. The 40
years that remained of the 70 years was represented by Ezekiel lying
on his side for 40 days for the iniquity of Judah, see Eze.4:6.

The prophetic events of the past are ensamples (types) for the latter day
people who fulfill these prophecies and thereafter shall possess the
Promised Land forever. The events of the past are types for the latter
day fulfillment of the prophecies written of in the Lamb’s sealed scroll.
To understand prophecy we must receive the Revelation of the
Lamb’s scroll.

Eze.4: 2
And lay siege against it, and build a fort
against it and cast a mount against it; set
the camp also against it, and set battering
rams against it round about.

The whole book of Ezekiel is a continuing theme concerning Jerusalem
rejecting the Words of God. Jerusalem was punished for not listening
to God’s servants the Prophets. Ezekiel is a type of the latter day
Lamb who as the Elijah messenger warned Jerusalem. Jerusalem
typifies the latter day nation which killed the Lamb who revealed
the Seven Seals Mystery.

The prophecy of Eze.4:2 referred to Jerusalem of old. Nebuchadnezzar
built a fort and set his camp round about the walls of Jerusalem and had
battering rams to knock down her gates.

The future Lamb (Ezekiel type) with his revealed scroll (Word of God), set
spiritual battering rams (Present Truth) and camped round the deception
(false beliefs)
of Christendom. Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon breaks
down the walls and burns and destroys the temple of Jerusalem. The words
of the Lamb and the Chosen Vessel will also break down the walls (false
of Christendom (who prophesies smooth things unto the
when the sword (Sixth Seal) is upon them; see Eze.9:5.

No one shall escape from God’s Word (sword): the Seven Seals.
Nebuchadnezzar destroyed (cleansed) the walls and burnt the
temple of Jerusalem. At the fulfillment of the Sixth Seal God’s
army of Saints shall cleanse the temple (minds) of Christendom.
Those who have an Abomination (false beliefs) in their mind
(temple; sanctuary)
shall be consumed, see Rev.14:8-10.

Eze.4: 3
Moreover take thou unto thee an iron
pan, and set it for a wall of iron between
thee and the city: and set thy face against
it, and it shall be besieged, and thou shalt
lay siege against it. This shall be a sign to
the house of Israel.

Ezekiel is told to place an iron wall (pan) between himself and the clay tablet
(which he portrayed Jerusalem upon see Eze.4:1).The iron pan revealed
that there was no escape from God’s Word for those who were in Jerusalem.
God’s Word is an iron wall which shall not fail. God’s Word (Iron pan) shall
be fulfilled upon the rebellious. There is no escape from that which has been

The Lamb’s (type of Ezekiel) face is set against the hypocrites of Christendom
and will accomplish his mission of fulfilling God’s Word as he is the Word
made into flesh, see Eze.3:8; Is.50:7; Jer.21:10; Rev.6:16; 20:11. God’s
Word never fails once he sets his face (Word) against the hypocrites like
an iron wall.

The Word of God was fulfilled in type by Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon
destroying and burning Jerusalem in the third invasion against the rebellious
people of God, see 2Kin.24:18-20; 25:1-11; Eze.33:21. The same scenario
will happen in the future (anti-type) fulfillment as it happened in the past
destruction of Jerusalem.

The latter day Lamb who was rejected and killed shall return with his army of
Saints; to judge the Great Christian Nation, see Rev.9:2,14-16; Joel 2:1-32;
Is.13:1-22. The Lamb who appeared in the latter days should have went
forward conquering and to conquer as described in Ps.45:1-5 and Rev.6:2.
Instead the Lamb went froward in the way of his heart as prophesied in the
Word of God, see Ps.89:38-52; Is.57:16-21, Is.53:10.

The Lamb and his followers (Bride) became the fulfillment of the bitter Word
of God. The things which were fulfilled upon Jerusalem was fulfilled upon the
Lamb and his followers, see Dan.11:33. The Lamb went froward in the way
of his heart to save his friends (Bride), thereby fulfilling the bitter prophecies
which in the past were fulfilled upon Jerusalem. The prophecies of the past
are reversed in the future fulfillment.

The latter day Babylon of Rev.17:1-18 is the religio/political nation that killed
the Lamb who had the Seven Seals. In the past Cyrus (Koresh) the Medo/
Persian king (typifying the Lamb) overthrew Babylon of old. The latter day
Cyrus of Is.44:28; 45:1; 13:17-19; Is.21:9; Jer.50:1-46; and Rev.14:8, will
overthrow latter day Babylon. The Great Christian Nation (the one head of
the Babylonian Beast)
killed the Lamb with the Seven Seals and some of his
Bride, see Dan.8:10-14; Rev.6:9; 17:5-7.

The Christians (mystery; Babylon) will have their kingdom taken from them by
the latter day Cyrus (Lamb with the Seven Seals) which is the fulfillment of the
Sixth Seal. The scenario of Eze.4:3 which happened to Jerusalem, also refers to
the Great Christian Nation (great whore; type of Jerusalem) that will be
besieged by God’s army of Saints, as a sign to the other nations (Israel),
see Rev.18:9.

Eze.4: 4
Lie thou also upon thy left side and lay the
iniquity of the house of Israel upon it:
according to the number of the days that
thou shalt lie upon it thou shalt bear their

Ezekiel was lying upon his front side whilst he portrayed the city Jerusalem
upon the clay tile in Eze.4:1, as he set the camp against the clay tablet that
had Jerusalem drawn (portrayed) upon it, see Eze.4:2. Then he set an iron
wall of metal between himself and the clay tablet (tile),see Eze.4:3.

Ezekiel is then told to lie upon his left side in front of the clay tablet (having
Jerusalem portrayed upon it);
with the camp and battering rams against
the clay tablet and the iron wall (iron pan) between himself and the clay
tablet. Ezekiel is to lay upon his left side for the iniquity (sins) of the house
of ISRAEL (ten tribes) for a certain amount of days. The days represent
the years of Israel’s iniquity (sins).

Eze.4: 5
For I have laid upon thee the years of
their iniquity, according to the number
of the days, three hundred and ninety
days: so shalt thou bear the iniquity of
the house of Israel.

Ezekiel is to lay upon his left side for 390 days which in this case represents
years. God does not want Ezekiel to lie on his side for 390 literal years.
Therefore, God had Ezekiel lie on his left side for 390 days and each day
represented a year of Israel’s (ten tribes) iniquity. The 390 years of Israel’s
iniquity began when Israel separated itself from Judah (southern two tribes)
at the time when Rehoboam was king of Judah and Jeroboam was king
of Israel.

The division was caused because of the sins of Solomon. The 390 years of
Israel’s iniquity against God’s Word, ended when the kingdom of Medo/
Persia overthrew Babylon. The king of Persia whose name was Cyrus,
immediately decreed that all refugees could return unto their homelands.
Israel (ten tribes) never returned to the northern land of Palestine as
they had lost their identity when they were taken into captivity by
the Assyrians.

God was showing by example (through the Medo/Persian king Cyrus; type
of the Lamb)
how the latter day king Cyrus (Koresh) will overthrow modern
day Babylon. Cyrus (Lamb) brings his people (type of twelve tribes) back
to the Promised Land (New Jerusalem) which is set up at the Sixth Seal.
The Lamb (Cyrus) overthrows the latter day kingdom of Babylon, setting
the captives of his people free just as the old king Cyrus had done when he
overthrew Babylon in the past, see 2Chr.36:22; Ezr.1:1; Is.44:26-28;
Is.2:1-4; Mic.4:1-8; Zec.2:4-8; Zec.8:1-23; Rev.21:23-27.

God is going to bring again the captivity of his people (those that have an ear
to hear what the Spirit saith)
as declared by Elijah (Lamb) from his written
Word (Seven Seals Scroll), see Eze.37:16-28; Jer.29:10-14; Is.11:12,13;
54:7; 66:15-24; Hos.8:8-10; Joel 3:1-21; Mic.2:12,13; 4:6,12; Zeph.2:1-3;
3:13-20; Zec.10:8-12.

Judah and all the refugees returned after the 70 years of Jer.25:12. The
kingdom of Medo/Persia (which overthrew Babylon) ended the 70
years of Jeremiah’s prophecy, and also ended the 390 year prophecy
of Eze.4:5. Cyrus of old allowed all refugees to return to their own

The types (examples) of the past reveal the future fulfillment of God’s written
Word. The gathering of Israel (which to this day has yet to be fulfilled) in the
latter days is fulfilled by the Great Multitude who are gathered into the New
Jerusalem during the Sixth Seal, see Rev.7:9,14. The gathering of Judah in
the latter days is fulfilled by the Firstfruits (Fellowservants and 144,000)
who are Sealed with the knowledge of Present Truth (Seven Seals) before
the Sixth Seal. The restoration of Jerusalem and the rebuilding of her temple
in the latter days is fulfilled through the Chosen Vessel of the Lamb.

The Bride’s children are the Firstfruits. The Bride (New Jerusalem) was
the first group to be gathered in the latter days by the Lamb. The Lamb
who came in the latter days (our day) restored the spiritual Jerusalem
and her spiritual temple by gathering his Bride (followers). Thereafter
the Chosen Vessel with the Remaining Bride restores the spiritual land
of Judah by gathering the Firstfruits before the Sixth Seal. At the time
of the Kingdom of God (Sixth Seal), the restoring of the spiritual land
of Israel (ten tribes; being represented by Ephraim) is fulfilled when
the Great Multitude (Ephraim; ten tribes) returns to God’s Kingdom
New Jerusalem.

Eze.4: 6
And when thou hast accomplished them,
lie again on thy right side, and thou shalt
bear the iniquity of the house of Judah
forty days: I have appointed thee each day
for a year.

After lying upon his left side for 390 days for the sins (iniquities) of the
house of Israel (ten tribes; Ephraim). Ezekiel (type of the Lamb; Rod,
of Eze.7:10)
must turn upon his right side for another 40 days to bear
the iniquity of Judah. Ezekiel is doing this before the clay tile that had
Jerusalem portrayed upon it.

The 40 days represent the 40 years which remained of the 70 year prophecy,
see Jer.25:11. 30 years had already passed from the time Nebuchadnezzar
first invaded Jerusalem. Jerusalem was left desolate for 40 years after the
third Invasion when the temple was destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar, see

The 70 year prophecy ended when Cyrus (type of the Lamb, see
Rev.6:12-17; Sixth Seal)
overthrew Babylon and allowed all fugitives
to return to their own lands. Cyrus of the past typifies the latter day
Lamb who gathers all his people (spiritual twelve tribes) back to
the Kingdom of God; becoming one kingdom again under the rule
of the latter day David (Lamb of God; the Word made flesh).

Having an understanding of the historical events written of in the Bible allows
the latter day prophecies to be understood. The Seven Seals Revelation is
understood through the past people and events which are recorded in
scripture. Jerusalem rejected Ezekiel, Jeremiah and all the Prophets.

The Christian leaderships of today (who are typified by old Jerusalem) listen
to their own prophets who know not the Revelation of the Seven Seals. Only
the Lamb can reveal the mysteries which are locked (sealed) in the pages of

In the past Jeremiah and Ezekiel warned the rebellious people that
Nebuchadnezzar (type of the Sixth Seal in Eze.9) would destroy
their city Jerusalem. In the latter days the warning was given by the
Lamb (Elijah messenger of Mal.4:5) as it is now given by the Chosen
Vessel, of the coming destruction from the Almighty. The great and
dreadful day of the Lord (Sixth Seal) is typified by Nebuchadnezzar
destroying Jerusalem as God prophesied he would.

At the Sixth Seal the Great Christian Nation (who rejected and killed the
Lamb and will also reject and kill the Chosen Vessel)
shall become
desolate; just as Nebuchadnezzar desolated Jerusalem and her temple
in the past with fire. In the past Jerusalem rejected God’s Word by the
Prophets Ezekiel and Jeremiah, among others. Today the Lamb has been
rejected by Christendom; as Christendom listens to its own prophets that
only prophesy smooth (good) things to her, just as the false prophets of
Jerusalem did, see Jer.2:8,26; 5:12,13,31; 14:13-15; 23:9-30; 26:7-13;
27:9,13-22; 29:8-10; 37:19; Eze.13:2-8; 22:25-28.

Eze.4: 7
Therefore thou shalt set thy face toward
the siege of Jerusalem, and thine arm shall
be uncovered, and thou shalt prophesy
against it.

Ezekiel of the past typifies the latter day Lamb. Ezekiel prophesied against
Jerusalem (typifying the Great Christian Nation) that was portrayed
upon the clay tablet ( type of the Lamb’s scroll). The Lamb
with his scroll uncovers (unseals) his arm (that holds the scroll) to reveal
the written prophecies which shall be fulfilled upon the Great Christian
Nation, see Ps.45:4; Is.22:21; 26:11; 28:2; 40:10; 41:10,13,20; 45:1;
49:2; 51:17-23; 62:8; 66:14; Jer.6:12; 15:6; 16:21; 25:15-18; Eze.9:1,2;
Hab.3:4; Rev.5:1.

Christendom rejects the Lamb and the Chosen Vessel who are sent by God;
just as Jerusalem of old rejected and killed the Prophets sent by God. The
judgment that was pronounced upon Jerusalem which was fulfilled in the past,
parallels the fulfillment of the latter day prophecies upon Christendom. God
will set up the New Jerusalem upon the earth to gather all his people (Great
out of the modern day Babylon (Christendom).

God’s Kingdom shall overthrow Christendom just as Cyrus the king of
Medo/Persia overthrew Babylon and allowed the captives to return to
their own homelands, see Is.29:1-7; Zec.12:1-14. The Lamb (type of
sets up the ensign (Kingdom; New Jerusalem) being typified
by the events in Zechariah’s day, where the people of Judah were
allowed to return and rebuild the temple of God during the reign of
Cyrus the Medo/Persian king. This represents the latter day Lamb at
the Sixth Seal (Ezekiel 9:6; destruction of Christendom) gathering
his people to the New Jerusalem (Promised Land).

Zechariah was the Prophet with Haggai who came back from the captivity of
Judah (Firstfruits type) after the decree of Cyrus (type of the Lamb) to
rebuild and restore Jerusalem (type of New Jerusalem) unto the Messiah
the Prince (Cyrus; Lamb), see Dan.9:25. In the first year of Cyrus (type
of the Lamb)
king of the Medes and Persians (who typify God’s army
of Saints)
he made a decree (Seven Seals Revelation) to rebuild and
restore Jerusalem (the Bride; New Jerusalem). The 70 years (one hour)
of Babylon’s (Christendom’s) reign over Judah (Firstfruits) and Jerusalem
(type of the Bride)
were ended (Sixth Seal) by Cyrus (the Lamb), see
Dan.9:1,2; Zec.7:1-5.

Eze.4: 8
And, behold, I will lay bands upon thee,
and thou shalt not turn thee from one side
to another, till thou hast ended the days of
thy siege.

Ezekiel is strapped down unable to move until the Word of God is fulfilled.
Jerusalem received her judgments for a period of 70 years as prophesied
by Jeremiah. The bands held Ezekiel while lying upon his left side and then
while he laid upon his right side, for a total of 430 days until God’s Word
was fulfilled. Nebuchadnezzar laid siege around Jerusalem while Jeremiah
was preaching from within her walls.

From the time of Jerusalem’s destruction there remained 40 years of rest
for the whole land, even Jerusalem. At the end of the 40 years
(symbolized by the 40 days of Ezekiel lying on his right side) Cyrus
overthrew Babylon. Thereafter, Cyrus made a decree to allow all captives
to return unto their homelands. Cyrus the Medo/Persian king ended the
70 year reign of Babylon over Judah. From the time of the first invasion
by Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon until the Medo/Persian empire
overthrew Babylon (by Cyrus the great) 70 years had passed.

Ezekiel was tied down with bands for 430 days, meaning God’s Word will
be fulfilled, see Eze.4:5,6. God’s Word shall be fulfilled upon the nation
(Christians) that rejected the words of the Lamb and the Chosen Vessel
who were sent to warn the people (Christians) of God. The Lord shall
execute judgment upon them because they hearken not unto the words of
the Seven Seals.

The Lamb was sent before the great and dreadful day of the Lord to warn the
people of the Sixth Seal. Ezekiel and Jeremiah wrote concerning Jerusalem
(typifying the latter day Christians), warning them to listen to God’s Word
and repent of their evil ways, and God would repent himself of the evil that
he thought to do unto her. However, God’s rebellious people would not obey
the voice of God, therefore destruction came upon the rebellious hypocrites.

Eze.4: 9
Take thou also unto thee wheat, and
barley, and beans, and lentiles, and millet,
and fitches, and put them in one vessel,
and make thee bread thereof, according to
the number of the days that thou shalt lie
upon thy side, three hundred and ninety
days shalt thou eat thereof.

And thy meat which thou shalt eat shall
be by weight, twenty shekels a day: from
time to time shalt thou eat it.

Thou shalt drink also water by measure,
the sixth part of an hin: from time to time
shalt thou drink.

And thou shalt eat it as barley cakes, and
thou shalt bake it with dung that cometh
out of man, in their sight.

The wheat, barley, beans, lentiles, millet, fitches (spelt), are the six grains of
food which were mixed together to make barley cakes. Ezekiel was to mix in
also the excrement of humans, then bake it all as barley cakes. The barley
cakes were a sign that the children of Israel had believed on defiled (false)
doctrine. Israel (ten tribes) went into captivity and while they were in
captivity they ate defiled (false) bread (doctrine), because no more
Prophets were sent to Israel.

There are six grains of good food mixed in with the defiled excrement of man’s
own waste, making the barley cakes defiled. The six grains of wheat, barley,
beans, lentiles, millet, fitches (spelt), represent the Word of God to the
Prophets. The dung (excrement; Abomination) of man is mixed in with
the six grains (Word of God). The dung is man’s interpretation of God’s
Word which is written in the Lamb’s scroll.

The Prophet Ezekiel and the Prophet Jeremiah (and all of God’s Prophets)
had to deal with the false prophets (dung) that used the writings (grains) of
the past Prophets (Moses and others). The interpretations given by false
prophets are represented as barley cakes (God’s Word) mixed with human
excrement (man’s interpretations).

The word of Ezekiel and Jeremiah represented the undefiled Word of God that
did not have man’s interpretation (excrement) mixed in with God’s prophetic
Word. Ezekiel, typifying the Lamb, ate God’s undefiled scroll, see Eze.3:1-3,14;
Rev.10:10. The Lamb of God manifested in the latter days to reveal the mystery
of the sealed scroll (roll). Only the Lamb and the Chosen Vessel can reveal
God’s revealed Truth without it being mixed with man’s excrement.

The Lamb gave his Reward unto the Chosen Vessel. The Chosen Vessel has
eaten the undefiled scroll (Hidden Manna of Rev.2:17) being typified by the
Apostle John in Rev.10:8-11. The Chosen Vessel with the Remaining Bride
must repeat (prophesy again) the Elijah warning which was prophesied by
the Lamb before the Sixth Seal (great and dreadful day of the Lord). The
Sixth Seal is the anti-type of Jerusalem’s (type of Great Christian Nation)
destruction in the past.

The Lamb is the Word made flesh. Therefore the Lamb is the bread (Manna)
of life that came down from heaven. The Remaining Bride who is in the spiritual
wilderness (see Rev.12:6,14) eats the spiritual Manna (Little Scroll); typifying
the manna that God gave the Israelites during the 40 years in the wilderness
while they journeyed to the Promised Land (type of God’s Kingdom). The
Lamb’s Seven Seals Mystery which is hidden in the scroll is undefiled. The
Lamb revealed the meaning of the words and conclusion of the prophecies,
that were written on one side of the scroll.

The Christians eat their defiled bread (Word of God interpreted by the false
prophets; ministers of Christendom)
instead of the Lamb’s scroll which he
revealed by opening (unsealing) the Seven Seals. The Lamb’s Bride received
the Little Help (Little Scroll) which she has eaten, see Rev.10:8-11. The
Lamb’s Bride has received the undefiled Word (Present Truth) of God
from the Chosen Messenger who has nourished the Remaining Bride with
the Hidden Manna (Little Scroll of Rev.10:2), see Rev.12:6,14.

Israel had to eat defiled (false doctrine) bread (God’s Word) until the end of
390 years. At the end of the 390 years Cyrus overthrew Babylon. The people
chose to eat the defiled bread as they would not listen to Ezekiel and Jeremiah
(Lamb and Chosen Vessel types). Had the people of God listened to the
Prophets, then they would not have eaten bread (God’s Word) mixed with
man’s excrement (interpretations).

In the latter days the Lamb came with his Reward (Seven Seals) to the
Christians. The leadership of Christendom refused to hearken unto the
words of the Lamb (typifying old Israel and Judah who would not
listen to the Prophets).
Therefore, the Christians will eat their defiled
bread until the Sixth Seal (setting up of God’s Kingdom).

The Christians of today parallel Israel (ten tribes) who ate defiled bread until
the end (type of Sixth Seal) of the 390 years, see Eze.4:5. The 390 years
began when Israel departed from Judah; the 390 years ended with the
destruction of Babylon by Cyrus (type of the Lamb setting up the Kingdom
New Jerusalem)
. Judah had been eating defiled bread for 40 years (from
the time the temple in Jerusalem was destroyed)
when they were deported
by Babylon. The 40 years of Eze.4:6, the 70 years of Jer.25:11, and the
390 years all ended at the same time when Cyrus overthrew Babylon
and allowed the captives to go free.

The vision that was shown to John in Rev.18:2 (which states Babylon is
fallen, is fallen)
is the latter day parallel of the destruction of Babylon by
Cyrus (Cyrus of the past typifies the latter day Lamb who overthrows
Babylon in the latter days).

In Rev.18:4, after the fall of Babylon (Christendom), the last warning is given:
Come out of her (Babylon) my (Cyrus) people (Great Multitude), typifying
Cyrus of old who made the decree which allowed all captives to return to their
homeland. The latter day Cyrus (Lamb; Koresh) allows the captives (who
want to flee from latter day Babylon)
to return to the Kingdom New

Amos 8:11, Behold, the days come, saith the Lord God, that I will send a
famine in the land (Christendom), not a famine of bread (as it was in the
destruction of old Jerusalem),
nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the
words of the Lord:

The six grains of Eze.4:9 combined with the Lamb (bread of life) equals
seven (complete), as he is the Word made flesh. The six grains and the
Lamb combined is the Revelation of the scroll (Word of God) fulfilled
(seven is complete)

Ezekiel (type of the Lamb) ate the sweet (honey; light) and bitter (butter;
scroll typifying the Lamb of Is.7:14-16, who nourished a young (little)
cow (scroll) and two sheep (male and female Lamb written on each side
of the scroll, see Is.7:21,22).

Jer.15:16, Thy (God’s) words (scroll of Rev.10:8-10) were found (Ps.40:3),
and I did eat (Hidden Manna) them; and thy word (bread) was unto me the
(sweet) and rejoicing of mine heart: for I am called by thy name (Koresh;
, O LORD GOD of hosts.

Jer.15:17, I sat not in the assembly of the mockers (typifying the Christians),
nor rejoiced; I sat alone because of thy hand (revealed word that he ate): for
thou has filled me
(after eating the sweet word in Jer.15:16) with indignation
(bitterness; the sweet and bitter Revelation of the scroll).

Jn.1:1, In the beginning (creation) was the Word (spoken words), and
the Word
(spoken) was with God (Elohiym; Father and Mother see
, and the word (spoken) was God (God’s Word is the
expression of Elohiym)

Jn.1:14, And the word (spoken) was made flesh (given a body) and dwelt
among us,
(humans) and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only
begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth.

Jn.6:48, I (Christ) am that bread (manna) of life (the words of the Prophets
made flesh)

Jn.6:49,50,51, Your fathers did eat manna (physical food) in the wilderness,
and are dead. This
(himself; Christ) is the bread (spiritual Manna) which
cometh down from heaven
(Angel of Rev.10:1), that a man may eat thereof
(Hidden Manna of Rev.2:17) and not die. I am the living bread (spiritual
which came down from heaven: if any man eat of this bread (scroll of
Rev.10:9-11; Eze.3:1; Is.7:15,22; Jer.15:16)
, he shall live forever: and the
(spiritual food) that I will give is my flesh (sacrifice) which I will give
for the life
(redeemed) of the world.

Rev.14:1, And I (John) looked, and, lo, a Lamb (Man-child) stood on the
Mount Sion
(Kingdom New Jerusalem), and with him an hundred forty and
four thousand, having his
(spiritual males symbolized as the twelve sons of
Father’s name (the new surname of Koresh, as they have eaten of
the Hidden Manna of Rev.2:17)
written (knowledge) in their foreheads
(minds; memories)

And the Lord said, Even thus shall the
children of Israel eat their defiled bread
among the Gentiles, whither I will drive

The children of Israel ate their defiled (false doctrine) bread (Word of God)
from the time they departed from Judah, until 390 years passed; the 390 years
ended when Cyrus overthrew Babylon. The ten tribes (Ephraim; Great
who ate defiled bread for 390 years typifies Christendom.

The people of Christendom eat their defiled bread (abominable doctrines)
until the latter day Cyrus (Lamb) overthrows latter day Babylon, see
Rev.18:2,4. Cyrus (Lamb) brings again spiritual Judah (144,000) and
spiritual Israel (Great Multitude) as one Kingdom. God’s Kingdom is
the anti-type of the past united kingdom of Israel under the reign of
king David.

David of old is a type of the latter day David (Beloved; Cyrus) who gathers
and unites the Kingdom of God at the Sixth Seal. Therefore spiritual Israel
(Great Multitude; Ephraim)
will eat their defiled (bread) Word of God,
until the setting up of God’s Kingdom that shall never be destroyed or given
to others, for the mouth of the Lord has spoken it.

Then said I, Ah, Lord God! behold, my
soul hath not been polluted: for from my
youth up even till now have I not eaten
of that which dieth of itself, or is torn in
pieces; neither came there abominable
flesh into my mouth.

Then he said unto me, Lo, I have given thee
cow’s dung for man’s dung, and thou shalt
prepare thy bread therewith.

The thought of Ezekiel eating barley cakes mixed with man’s excrement
was unbearable for Ezekiel. God allowed Ezekiel to substitute
man’s excrement for cow’s excrement; Ezekiel faithfully complied to the
Word of God.

Moreover he said unto me, Son of man,
behold, I will break the staff of bread in
Jerusalem: and they shall eat bread by
weight, and with care; and they shall
drink water by measure, and with

That they may want bread and water,
and be astonied one with another, and
consume away for their iniquity.

God is going to break (take away) the staff (Rod; Seven Seals) of bread
(scroll of Eze.3:1; Amos 8:11; Is.7:21,22; Jer.15:16,17)
. The staff
represents the Rod that budded, see Eze.7:7,10. Ezekiel typifies the Lamb
who appears with the sweet and bitter scroll, which is the Word (bread)
of God.

The Rod represents the Lamb who was chosen from the people to declare the
Seven Seals Scroll (bread). The budding of Aaron’s Rod in Num.17:8, was a
sign of whom God had chosen as High Priest among the people. In the latter
days the Lamb who reveals the Seven Seals Revelation is the Elijah messenger.

The great and dreadful day of the Lord is fulfilled when the Spirit and
experience of the Lamb (after he is killed and resurrects) returns to
Michael. Michael then stands up in Dan.12:1, which begins the great
time of trouble against the ancients (rejecters of Present Truth) who
turned their noses up at God’s Rod (Chosen Vessel) that budded; see
Is.27:6,8; 55:10,11; Eze.7:10.

In the latter days the staff (Rod; Lamb) was cut down and removed. The
Chosen Vessel (Rod; female Lamb) will also be cut down and removed,
see Rev.11:3,7. Christ 2,000 years ago was also cut down and removed
(Rod that budded; image of the Lamb)
. The Rod that blossomed in
Ezekiel’s day was Jeremiah (God’s Rod) who was within the walls of
Jerusalem prior to the final destruction of Jerusalem, and the burning of
her temple (sanctuary).

Ezekiel was prophesying the same word which Jeremiah was prophesying
concerning Jerusalem, before the final destruction of Jerusalem. Babylon laid
siege against Jerusalem causing a literal famine of bread and water. In the
latter days the famine is of God’s Word. Few will eat of God’s Hidden
Manna (Seven Seals), causing a spiritual famine of Present Truth. The
rebellious eat their own flesh (false doctrine) and the flesh (theories)
of man (false prophets).

Eze.5: 3
Thou shalt also take thereof a few in
number, and bind them in thy skirts.

The few in NUMBER represent the number of the 144,000 who are Sealed
before the great and dreadful day of the Lord’s anger (Sixth Seal). At the
time of Ezekiel there was a remnant who were bound in the skirt of Ezekiel,
representing those who followed Present Truth. The latter day Bride of the
Lamb also gathers a Remnant who are the Firstfruits (Fellowservants and
unto the Lamb and the Chosen Vessel. The Remnant represents
the seed (children) of the woman (Bride) who received the knowledge of
the Seven Seals.

God always has a remnant of Present Truth believers in every generation, see
Is.l:9; 1Kin.19:18; Is.10:20; Jer.23:3. The few in number symbolizes the one
wave loaf of Firstfruits, being the 144,000 of Rev.7:4, who are Sealed before
the destruction of Christendom (Sixth Seal). The 144,000 are the remainder
(Remnant) of the woman’s seed who are not killed, see Rev.11:13; 12:17.

The Great Multitude (spiritual ten tribes) are symbolized in Zec.8:23 as
those who take hold of the skirt of him that is a Jew: spiritual Judah (the
. Those who are bound, typify the 144,000 who are Sealed
before the four winds (whirlwind; Sixth Seal) are let loose, see Rev.7:1-3.
The Fellowservants (Firstfruits) are to be killed with the Remaining Bride,
therefore they are not the Remnant that remain alive,
see Rev.6:11.

Eze.6: 3
And say, ye mountains of Israel, hear the
word of the Lord God…..

The seven mountains (seven capitals) in the land of Palestine were divided
into seven lots. In the southern portion of Palestine, Jerusalem was the
mountain (capital; head) which had the tribes of Judah and Benjamin
under her control.

Josh.18:6, Ye shall therefore describe the land (Canaan; Palestine) into
SEVEN parts
(seven mountains; seven heads).

Is.7:9, And the HEAD (mountain) of Ephraim is Samaria, and the HEAD
(mountain) of Samaria is Remaliah’s son. If you will not believe, surely ye
shall not be established

Is.4:1, And in that day SEVEN women (mountains of Israel; seven divided
lots of Palestine; latter day Christendom)
shall take hold of one man (the
Lamb; Immanuel in Is.7:14)
saying, we will eat our own bread (the seven
women, being the seven mountains, do not want the food of the Lamb’s
Seven Seals bitter sweet scroll of Is.7:21,22)
and wear our own apparel
(their own covering; self-righteousness; type of the Laodiceans in
Rev.3:18; they do not want the wool clothing of the two lambs)
: only
let us be called by thy name
(Israel; Christians), to take away our

Rev.17:9, And here is the mind which hath wisdom. The seven heads (the
seven heads of the Beast, see Rev.13:1; seven lots of the land of
Palestine, see Josh.18:6)
are seven mountains (the seven lots that
were divided in Josh.18:6 are the seven capitals (women) of the
tribes (horns on the Beast in Rev. 13:1, are typified as tribes); the
two horns (tribes) out of the head (lamb-like Beast) of Jerusalem
are Judah and Benjamin. Jerusalem is one of the seven women.
Jerusalem did sit upon all the land (mountains) of Israel when
Israel was united in the days of king David of old, see Rev.17:9)

There are only ten horns on the seven heads of the Beast in Rev.13:1,
because Reuben, Gad, and half the tribe of Manasseh lived outside the
Promised Land (seven lots). There are thirteen tribes (horns) including
Manasseh and Ephraim. Two and a half of these tribes (Reuben; Gad
and half of Manasseh)
did not receive an inheritance within the Promised
Land. Also Levi did not receive an inheritance in the Promised Land, as
they had the priesthood. Therefore if you deduct Reuben, Gad, half of
Manasseh and Levi from the thirteen tribes (horns), there remains ten
tribes (horns) in the seven lots (seven mountains; seven heads)
including the other half of Manasseh, see Josh.18:6,7. Therefore there
are only ten horns (tribes) that are upon the seven heads (seven lots)
of the Beast, see Rev.13:1.

The three horns that were plucked up by the roots symbolize the lands of
Gad, Reuben and Manasseh. At the time when Babylon uprooted the three
horns, the land of Reuben, Gad and Manasseh was occupied by Edom,
Moab and Ammon whom Nebuchadnezzar uprooted, see Dan.7:8.

Eze.6: 8
Yet will I leave a remnant, that ye may
have some that shall escape the sword
among the nations, when ye shall be
scattered through the countries.

The remnant are the same people who were bound in the skirt of Ezekiel.
The remnant received Present Truth and had the mark (Seal of God)
placed upon them by Ezekiel (type of the Lamb, see Rev.7:2-4). The
remnant symbolize the 144,000 who receive the Seal of God before the
Sixth Seal.

The remnant (type of the 144,000) in Eze.6:8 were spared from the sword
(type of the Sixth Seal) to declare God’s Word unto the nations (type of the
Great Multitude).
Ezekiel was in Babylonian captivity and Jeremiah was in
the city of Jerusalem prior to Nebuchadnezzar destroying (type of the Sixth
Jerusalem (type of Great Christian Nation). Therefore Ezekiel
prophesied the things Jeremiah would literally fulfill within Jerusalem.

The scenario of the past is a type of the latter fulfillment when the Bride gathers
the 144,000 (Firstfruits) and Seals them with the knowledge of Present Truth
to stand during the Sixth Seal, see Rev.6:12-17; Rev.9:4; Eze.9:4.

Eze.7: 2
Also, thou son of man, thus saith the Lord
God unto the land of Israel; An
(the) end,
the end is come upon the four corners of
the land.

The end, the end (stutter, of Is.28:11), came upon Jerusalem and upon the
four corners of Palestine (land of Israel). This is fulfilled in the latter days by
the Four Angels (Lamb; Man-child) who are standing on the four corners
of the earth (the whole land of the earth) at the Sixth Seal, which brings
an end (Babylon is fallen is fallen) to the Abomination (false beliefs) of
Christendom. The Kingdom of Cyrus (Lamb) overthrows the Babylonian
latter day governments.

Just as the end came upon the four corners of Palestine (Israel), the Four
Angels (who are standing on the four corners of the whole earth, see
will bring down all the Babylonian (Christian) governments. Cyrus
(the Lamb: Four Riders: Four Angels) will reign upon the throne of David
(Beloved). The Lamb shall gather his people (Great Multitude) from the four
corners of the earth and they shall become one Kingdom in the hand of latter
day David, see Jer.30:9, Eze.34:23; Hos.3:5; Zec.12:7-12.

Eze.7: 7
The morning is come unto thee, O thou that
dwellest in the land: the time is come, the day
of trouble is near, and not the sounding again
of the mountains.

The morning that came unto Jerusalem in the past, was the Word of God at
the mouth of Ezekiel and Jeremiah. When the morning (Word of God) had
budded (the Elijah warning) it was a sign of the day of trouble being near
for Jerusalem. Nebuchadnezzar destroyed Jerusalem and her temple at the
Word of God, because the rebellious people would not listen to Ezekiel or

Once the end came upon Jerusalem and upon the four corners of Palestine,
there was no sounding of the mountains (lands) of Israel (people) because
they were taken into captivity by Nebuchadnezzar. The Sixth Seal destruction
comes upon those who have rejected the Lamb and the Chosen Vessel’s
Seven Seals Revelation. The Lamb and the Chosen Vessel are typified by
Ezekiel and Jeremiah’s words which warned Jerusalem to hearken unto the
Lord their God. Had the people listened, the wrath of the Lord would have
turned from Jerusalem.

The Lamb came to the land (Great Christian Nation) that is typified by old
Jerusalem, as the Elijah messenger of Mal.4:2,5. The morning represents the
Lamb with the Seven Seals Scroll, who is called the Sun of Righteousness in
Mal.4:2. The sun ascends from the east as it rises in the morning, see Rev.7:2.
The Lamb (morning of Eze.7:7) is symbolized by the Daily (daylight of
Dan.8:11; 9:26),
the Bright and Morning Star of Rev.22:16, and the lightning
(light) that cometh out of the east (sunrise; morning) of Mt.24:27; Is.41:2;
46:11; Hab.3:3,4. The east (Persia) is the direction from which king
Cyrus (type of the Lamb) came towards Palestine.

The Lamb (morning; Daily; Rod that budded) and the Chosen Vessel sound
the last message before the great and dreadful day of the Lord (Sixth Seal).
The sounding of Christendom (whole land of Babylon; Christendom) shall
never be heard again when God’s Kingdom reigns. The latter day Cyrus (the
shall overthrow Babylon (Christendom) at the Sixth Seal. WHO shall
be able to stand? Only the 144,000 (Remnant) shall stand, having the
understanding of the Seven Seals in their foreheads (minds; memories).

Eze.7: 8
Now will I shortly pour out my fury upon thee,
and accomplish mine anger upon thee: and I will
judge thee according to thy ways, and will
recompense thee for all thine abominations.

7: 9
And mine eye shall not spare, neither will I
have pity: I will recompense thee according
to thy ways and thine abominations that are
in the midst of thee; and ye shall know that
I am the LORD that smiteth.

God is shortly going to pour out his anger at the Sixth Seal, see Rev.9:4,5,15;
Eze.9:4-7. As it happened to Jerusalem of old, so shall the anger of the Lord
be upon the rebellious who reject the Seven Seals Revelation (Rod that
in the latter days. God’s eye shall not spare hypocrites, neither will
he have pity on those who turn their nose up at the Branch (Seven Seals)
which blossomed. When the Lamb revealed the Seven Seals (symbolizing
the budded Rod),
this showed which vessel (body) God had chosen to
place His Spirit within.

In the past God chose Aaron to be the High Priest by making his Rod bud.
The same applies to the one who revealed the Seven Seals (budded Rod)
Mystery (which no man can do except the Lamb). Therefore the one
who reveals the Mystery of the Seven Seals must be the Lamb of God;
showing that his Rod (vessel) is the Rod God chose to be the vessel of
Truth, amongst the other rods (vessels). The Lamb gives his Reward
(Seven Seals)
unto the Chosen Vessel, then the Remaining Bride
prophesies again.

Behold the day, behold, it is come: the
morning is gone forth; the rod hath
blossomed, pride hath budded.

The day that comes is the morning (daylight). The Sun of Righteousness is
Cyrus (type of the Lamb) who ascends from the east (Persia). When the
Lamb revealed the Seven Seals Revelation (Hidden Manna) the churches
(Christian) became proud because his (the Lamb’s) Rod (vessel) budded
(chosen), meaning he is the vessel (body) God chose to reveal the Seven
Seals Mystery.

The rods (leadership) of Christendom bud in pride, meaning they are too
proud to accept the vessel through whom God has chosen to reveal his
mystery (Seven Seals). The Christian leaders (rods) turned up their noses
against the Rod of the Lamb that blossomed, implying that the Rod which
blossomed stinks. The leaders of Christendom represent the ancients
of Eze.9:6.

The sword is without, and the pestilence
and the famine within: he that is in the
field shall die with the sword; and he that
is in the city, famine and pestilence shall
devour him.

Jerusalem of old suffered literal famine and pestilence by rejecting the word
of Ezekiel and Jeremiah. The sword that was outside (without) of Jerusalem
was the literal sword of Babylon, and the sword within Jerusalem represented
the famine which was pronounced by God’s Word (sword) against the
hypocritical nation. The great and dreadful day of the Lord (Sixth Seal) in
the latter days is typified by the past destruction of Jerusalem by
Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon.

The famine in the latter days is the refusal to hear the Word (Present Truth)
of God (Revelation of the Seven Seals). Christendom rejects the Lamb and
the Chosen Vessel, though the Bride gathers a Remnant who shall not die,
being the 144,000 who receive the Hidden Manna (Seven Seals). The
sword (fulfillment of God’s Word) of the Sixth Seal is in the hands of
the men (Destroying Angels) who come from the higher gate (God’s
throne; New Jerusalem)
, see Eze.9:1,2; Is.13:3-5; Joel 2:1-11;
Rev.9:2-21; Rev.7:1; Eze.37:1-14.

But they that escape of them shall escape,
and shall be on the mountains like doves of
the valleys, all of them mourning, every one
for his iniquity.

In the latter days God will have a Remnant (144,000) who shall escape the
sword of the Sixth Seal, just as the remnant who was bound in the skirt of
Ezekiel escaped the sword of Nebuchadnezzar during the destruction of
Jerusalem. The Remnant in the latter days are the 144,000 who escape the
sword of the Destroying Angels by having God’s mark (Seal) in their
foreheads (minds; memories).

The 144,000 will see the time of trouble (five months of Rev.9:5), but they
(Remnant) will not be harmed during the great and dreadful day of God’s
anger. During the Sixth Seal fulfillment the 144,000 will mourn because of
their past sins though they are saved (Sealed).

As for the beauty of his ornament, he set
it in majesty: but they made the images of
their abominations and of their detestable
things therein: therefore have I set it far
from them.

And I will give it into the hands of the
strangers for a prey, and to the wicked
of the earth for a spoil; and they shall
pollute it.

The ornament of God which God set in majesty, is the sanctuary (temple) that
was set in Jerusalem. The sanctuary was set within the majesty of queen
Jerusalem (queen of heaven, Jer.7:18). God’s sanctuary was as a precious
jewel (ornament) in the midst of Jerusalem.

The leaders of the people made detestable images (idol worshippers) of their
abominations (false ceremonies) because they refused the Word (Present
of God. The leaders of Jerusalem continued worshipping in God’s
temple where the ark of the covenant was, which made them idol worshippers.
By rejecting God’s Word (Present Truth) and carrying on with the Levitical
Laws of sacrifices, God saw their offering of sacrifices as an Abomination.

Those who reverenced the furniture (ark of gold; altar of gold; brasen altar;
seven lamp candlestick)
of the sanctuary (temple) were idolaters. In the latter
days the leadership of Christendom (anti-type of Jerusalem) have rejected the
Seven Seals (Rod that budded) and they have placed their abominations (false
and detestable things in the place (temple; sanctuary) of where the
Seven Seals knowledge should be. The Christians have an Abomination written
in their minds (temple).

Nebuchadnezzar was sent to Jerusalem to defile the sanctuary of God, as the
abominations of the people were practiced in the holy place (sanctuary). The
Sixth Seal is the cleansing of the sanctuary, see Dan.8:9-14; 9:26; Mt.24:15;
as these verses show the Daily (Messiah; Seven Seals; budded Rod; High
being removed and the Abomination (false worship) being placed in
the spiritual sanctuary (temple) of the people’s minds.

The Revelation of the Seven Seals should be in the minds (temples) of the
Christians; instead they have an Abomination (false worship) written in their
minds (sanctuary; temple). At the Sixth Seal the sanctuary of the people’s
minds shall be cleansed when they see the Kingdom of God.

My face will I turn also from them, and
they shall pollute my secret place: for the
robbers shall enter into it, and defile it.

God’s secret place is within the sanctuary being the holy of holies (holy place
and most holy place)
. Jerusalem is the woman (virgin daughter) and the
sanctuary is symbolized as the womb of Jerusalem. Only the High Priest can
enter into the holy of holies of the sanctuary; symbolic of the High Priest
(Christ; Lamb)
being the husband of Jerusalem (Bride). The robbers
shall defile her (Jerusalem) sanctuary (womb) by raping her
of her virginity (taking away the treasures of God’s house). Jerusalem
of old was left polluted in her blood. At the Sixth Seal, God will defile the
great whore (Great Christian Nation) and burn her with fire (as old
Jerusalem was judged by her own deeds),
for God shall recompense
her ways upon her own head, see Is.13:3-6,16.

Eze.8: 5
Then he said unto me, Son of man, lift up
thine eyes now the way toward the north.
So I lifted up mine eyes the way toward the
north, and behold northward at the gate of
the altar this image of jealousy in the entry.

Ezekiel looks northward to the land of Israel. Israel (ten tribes) had their
own temple which was situated in Samaria. At the entrance of the temple in
Samaria was an image of jealousy. The people of Israel who sacrificed
animals at the altar (brasen altar) were jealous of the temple sacrifices
that were performed in Jerusalem’s temple.

Ezekiel Type Of The Lamb (continued).......

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