Revelation 10: 1
And I saw another mighty angel come
down from heaven, clothed with a cloud:
and a rainbow was upon his head, and his
face was as it were the sun, and his feet as
pillars of fire:

The mighty Angel (messenger) came down from heaven and was
clothed with a cloud. The cloud represents the message which the
mighty messenger (Elijah) rains upon those who have an ear to hear.
Rain symbolizes doctrine (see Deut.32:2). The Man-child of Rev.12:5
(being the Messiah the Prince of Dan.8:11; 9:25,26) came in the
latter days as the Elijah messenger of Mal.4:5. The Angel that came
down from heaven in Rev.10:1 is the latter day Man-child (Lamb)
appearing with his scroll (see Rev.5:1,7). The scroll is the Reward
of Rev.22:12; Is.40:10.

The redeemed who receive the rain (Seven Seals doctrine) are symbolized
as barley (First OF the Firstfruits), wheat (Firstfruits) and also grapes
(Great Multitude) as the righteous seeds need rain and sunlight to grow.
The mighty messenger (Man-child) has his face as the sun, because he is
the Sun of Righteousness in Mal.4:2, being the Bright and Morning Star of

The rainbow is a sign of God’s Word that one can rest in (trust) once
the Revelation (knowledge of prophecy) has been understood. The mighty
messenger represents latter day Cyrus who came to reveal the Seven Seals
Scroll (rain; doctrine), and thereafter conquer Babylon, see Is.44:28; 45:1;
42:1. The mighty messenger (Lamb with the Seven Seals Scroll) is
symbolized as the latter day rain of Hos.6:3; Is.55:10,11; Job 29:20-23;
Hos.10:12; Joel 2:23; Zec.10:1; Rev.11:6. The Lamb first gathered his
Bride and then warned the inhabitants of the earth of the impending great
day of the Sixth Seal, see Rev.6:12-17.

The feet that are shown as pillars of fire in Rev.10:1, symbolize that the
messenger’s feet cannot slip or stumble in his path, as the Word shall be
fulfilled. All obstacles (rocks; mountains) will melt beneath the feet (pillars
of fire)
of the Word of God, see Zec.14:4; Dan.10:6; Rev.1:15. The rain
represents the Revelation of God’s Word (Holy Spirit), which makes the
wise grow just as barley, wheat and grapes grow when rain and sunlight
are poured upon them.

The Holy Spirit in Rev.1:15, having a voice like the sound of many waters,
represents her (Holy Spirit’s) voice which sounds like rain. The many
waters of Rev.1:15 represents the rain (doctrine of the Word of God).
Out of the throne in Rev.4:5 came forth lightnings: which symbolize visions;
thunderings: which symbolize the oral Word of God, see Rev.10:4, and
voices: symbolizing the understanding (Revelation; doctrine) of the
lightnings and thunderings. The voices represent the sound which is
made by falling rain (doctrine).

The lightnings (visions) and thunderings (oracles) symbolize the Word
of God which is contained in the scroll of the Lamb. The Prophets of old
wrote concerning the things which the Holy Spirit showed (lightnings)
unto them. The scroll also contains the oral (thunderings) Word of God
as the Prophets were told verbally what they should write.

The Lamb came in the latter days (see Rev.10:1) as rain (voices; doctrine)
from heaven, see Jer.10:13; Ex.20:18; Ps.77:17,18; 81:7; Is.30:30;
Job 37:1-7; Eze.43:2. The Lamb who was killed on April 19th 1993,
revealed one side of the Seven Seals Scroll, being the early (former) rain of Joel.2:23. The Chosen Vessel of the Remaining Bride who was not killed
on April 19th 1993, is now revealing the other side of the Seven Seals
Scroll, being the latter rain of Joel 2:23 and Zec.10:1.

Rev.10: 2
And he had in his hand a little book open:
and he set his right foot upon the sea, and
his left foot on the earth.

The mighty Angel (being the Man-child of Rev.12:5), came down
from heaven to the earth, as also seen in the symbology in Rev.8:7-11.
The mighty messenger has a Little Book (scroll) opened (unsealed)
in his hand. The Lamb had opened the Seventh Seal in heaven and
came to the earth quickly (immediately) once he opened the Seventh
Seal, see Rev.22:12.

The Man-child was born of an earthly mother and father having the ability
to experience sin, as prophesied in Ps.40:3,7,12; Ps.89:38-52. The
Man-child’s (mighty Angel of Rev.10:1) spirit was born from the words
of the Holy Spirit (heavenly woman of Rev.12:1). The written words of
the Holy Spirit are TRAVAILING in Rev.12:2 because the Word was
made flesh in a body of sin (see Ps.51:5); as opposed to the Christ of
2,000 years ago who was the Word made flesh in a sinless body.

The mighty Angel (Elijah) of Rev.10:1 (being the latter day Messiah
who revealed the Seven Seals Scroll)
has one foot on the sea. The sea
(peoples, multitudes) in the past symbolized the northern tribes of Israel.
In the latter days the sea represents the European and other Christian
nations, being the land where the great mountain (God’s Word;
was cast into the sea (European Christian nations),
see Rev.8:8,9.

In Rev.18:17,18, the ships (nations) of the European countries (sea)
shall watch the great city (Great Christian Nation upon the land)
experience the Sixth Seal fulfilled upon her first, being the cleansing
of the sanctuary where the Abomination is sitting. The other foot of
the mighty Angel in Rev.10:2 is upon the earth (land), which in the
past symbolized the old southern tribes of Judah and Benjamin, where
the great city (old Jerusalem) was the head (capital).

In the latter days, the one foot upon the earth represents the land of the
Great Christian Nation where the Lamb was killed and the Abomination
set up. The great star (mighty Angel) comes down from heaven in
Rev.8:10 and falls on the land (earth), symbolized by the mighty Angel
having a foot upon the earth (land).

Rev.10: 3
And cried with a loud voice, as when a lion
roareth: and when he had cried, seven
thunders uttered their voices.

The one that cries with a loud voice like a lion roaring, refers to the
Man-child (Elijah; Lamb) who is the Lion of the tribe of Judah, see
Rev.5:5. The mighty messenger has a voice like seven trumpets to
sound his Seven Seals Song with the roar of a lion (see Is.21:8 ref. to,
he cried as a lion).
John wrote down what he was shown of the future
from his day, being the things that are happening today in our generation.
John the Revelator heard the Seven Thunders (God’s oracles) revealing
the future prophecies. The voices sounded like thunder, being Seven
Thunders, as there are Seven Seals (see Rev.6:1, ref. to thunder).

Rev.10: 4
And when the seven thunders had uttered
their voices, I was about to write: and I
heard a voice from heaven saying unto me,
Seal up those things which the seven
thunders uttered, and write them not.

The Seven Thunders symbolize the voice of God unto the Prophets.
The lightning represents the visions that were shown unto the Prophets.
The rain (voices) is the interpretation of the lightnings and thunders
which were given to one shepherd, see Eccl.12:11; Is.45:1; Mal.3:1;
4:5; Zec.6:12; Dan.9:25,26. John was not to reveal the meaning of
the Seven Thunders, as the Seven Thunders are the Revelation of
all the prophecies that are contained in the Seven Seals Scroll of

The Lamb of God (Man-child of Rev.12:5) unsealed and revealed the
scroll (book), being the messenger who came in the latter days as seen
in Rev.10:2. The Lamb came down from heaven with his unsealed scroll,
meaning that the vessel on earth who can reveal and show through the
written Word the location and Revelation of the Seven Seals, is the
Chosen Vessel (Lamb of God).

The Lamb (Elijah) came in the latter days with the same propensities to
sin as any other person who is born of a human father and mother. The
latter day Man-child of Rev.12:5; Ps.40:3,7,12 is the Lamb who was
killed on April 19th 1993 with some of his Bride. The Lamb came with
his Reward (Seven Seals Scroll; book). The latter day Lamb gave his
Reward unto his Remaining Bride in Rev.10:8-10, who is typified by
the Apostle John.

The Remaining Bride is now prophesying again during the 1,260 days
(42 months) of Rev.12:6,14, as the Man-child has been cut off, see
Dan.8:11; 9:25,26. The prophecies that are written on the opposite
side of the scroll concern the Chosen Vessel and the Remaining
Bride’s destiny.

The prophecies which God spoke unto Adam and Eve, being the same
prophecies which were passed on verbally to the people of old, then
written down from the time of Moses, are now being fully understood
and fulfilled through the Lamb and the Chosen Vessel. The Apostle
John wrote down the visions and oracles as he was being shown these
visions while in prison on the isle of Patmos.

Rev.10: 5
And the angel which I saw stand upon
the sea and upon the earth lifted up his
hand to heaven,

10: 6
And sware by him that liveth for ever
and ever, who created heaven, and the
things that therein are, and the earth,
and the things that therein are, and the
sea, and the things which are therein,
that there should be time no longer:

The Angel (messenger) who is standing upon the sea and the earth has
come to the earth from heaven, see Rev.10:1. The Angel (mighty
represents the latter day Lamb of God who took the
sealed scroll in heaven (see Rev.5:7), as he is the Elijah messenger
of Mal.4:5 and has the scroll (Reward of Rev.22:12; Is.40:10; Ps.45:4; Is.62:11; Hab.3:4) in his Right Hand.

The Revelation which John the Revelator wrote of on the isle of Patmos,
concerns the Revelation of the latter day Lamb and of the Chosen Vessel
who are written upon each side of the scroll. The Man-child (Lamb) was
born of an earthly mother and father (see Ps.51:5) because he needed
a better experience of sin to understand the weaknesses of humans, that
he may be an excellent mediator on behalf of the lost sinner once he
experienced their temptations and illusions, see Ps.51:4; Is.57:17-19;

The mighty messenger (Lamb) of Rev.12:5 revealed all Seven Seals
(seven trumpets), being the Seven Lights (Angels; Stars). There
SHOULD have been time no longer once the Lamb sounded (revealed)
the last trumpet (last Seal; seventh Angel). The vision that was shown
unto Daniel (see Dan.12:7) is the same vision that is seen in Rev.10:5,6.
There still remains 1,260 days (42 months), being the time when the
Chosen Vessel and the Remaining Bride prophesy again in the spiritual
wilderness to gather their spiritual children (Firstfruits).

Rev.10: 7
But in the days of the voice of the seventh
angel, when he shall begin to sound, the
mystery of God SHOULD BE finished,
as he hath declared to his servants the

The seventh Angel (seventh light; message) was to be revealed by the
latter day Lamb (Man-child) who was sounding all seven trumpets. The
seven trumpets are the Revelations of the Seven Angels (Lights) contained
in the Seven Seals Scroll. The Man-child of Rev.12:5 came born of an
earthly mother and father. Thereafter God put into his mouth a New Song
(seven trumpets; Revelation of the scroll), see Ps.40:3. The Man-child
(Messiah the Prince; latter day Cyrus) sounded his new Song (seven
which is the Song of the Lamb, see Rev.14:3; 15:3.

When the Lamb began sounding (revealing) the mysteries that are in the
sealed book he only fulfilled the prophecies that are written on one side
of the scroll concerning him gathering his Bride. Once all seven trumpets
had been explained by the Man-child (being the prophecies written on
one side of the scroll),
he was killed on April 19th 1993.

The mysteries which are written on both sides of the scroll SHOULD have
been fulfilled by the Lamb. However, because he went froward in the way
of his heart, his Remaining Bride is now prophesying again the prophecies
which are written on the other side of the scroll concerning the gathering
of the Firstfruits (children of the Lamb and Bride).

The Man-child of Rev.12:5 WAS to rule all nations with a Rod (double
edge scroll)
of Iron, however, the Man-child only wounded one head
upon the Dragon Beast of Babylon, see Rev.13:1,3. The Babylonian
Beast’s system destroys many by peace, therefore the Rider (Man-child)
on the red horse of Rev.6:4 came to take peace (deception) from the
earth because Christendom (Babylon) destroys many by deception
see Dan.8:25; Mt.10:34.

The Seven Stars (Lights) in the hand of the Holy Spirit in Rev.1:20
are the Seven Angels (seven messengers), and the seven trumpets
are the sounding of prophecies that were in the Right Hand of God
who sits on the throne, see Rev.5:1.

The mystery of God SHOULD have been finished when the latter day
Lamb (mighty Angel) sounded (revealed) the last trumpet. However,
the mystery was not yet finished as seen in Dan.12:7 where there still
remains a time (360 days), times (720 days) and a half (180 days),
being the time period of 1,260 days (42 months) that the woman (the
Chosen Vessel with the Remaining Bride) must flee into the spiritual
wilderness to be fed and then prophesy AGAIN, see Rev.12:6,14.
The Angel who is mentioned in Rev.10:7 symbolizes the seventh message
(Revelation) of the seventh trumpet which the Man-child sounded after
he had sounded the other six trumpets (messages; Lights: Angels)
of Rev.8:2.

The Man-child (Messiah) in Rev.12:5 WAS to rule all nations with his
Rod of Iron (two edge sword; two edge scroll), but only wounded the
one head (Great Christian Nation) of the Dragon Beast of Babylon,
see Rev.13:1,3. The Lamb WAS to rule (Rev.12:5); and time SHOULD
HAVE been finished (Rev.10:7) after the Lamb sounded (revealing)
the last trumpet (revealing mystery; warning) as written in scripture
by the Prophets of old. However, because the Man-child went froward
in the way of his heart (as typified by Samson who went froward in
the way of his heart),
the Lamb was not given all the mysteries.

The light (Revelation; understanding) of the latter day Lamb’s eyes
was gone (spiritually blind to prophecies) shortly before his death,
fulfilling the type of Samson who was blind in his death. Samson
wounded the head of the Philistines in his death, typifying the Man-child
who also wounded the Babylonian system of peace upon one of its heads,
see Rev.13:1,3. The Man-child only revealed the prophecies which are
written on one side of the scroll and became spiritually blind to the
prophecies which are written upon the other side of the scroll,
see Ps.38:10.

All seven trumpets of Rev.8:1,2 are the Seven Angels (Stars) which are
the Seven Seals Revelation that was a mystery in the Holy Spirit’s hand
in Rev.1:20. In the hereafter (latter days) of Rev.4:1, the mystery was
seen in the Right Hand of the Holy Spirit who sat upon the throne in
Rev.5:1. The Lamb (Man-child; Messiah the Prince) took the scroll
in Rev.5:7 and came to the earth and sounded ALL seven trumpets
(Seven Angels: messages)
that are written on one side of the scroll

Rev.10: 8
And the voice which I heard from heaven
spake unto me again and said, Go and take
the little book which is open in the hand of
the angel which standeth upon the sea and
upon the earth.

John was commanded to go and take the Little Book (scroll) which
the Man-child (mighty Angel) had in his hand. The vision of the Angel
with the open book concerned the future of John’s day. The Man-child
(mighty Angel)
being upon the earth and John taking the scroll,
typifies those who would fulfill the future prophecies.

John symbolizes the Bride, who in the latter days received the scroll
from the Man-child (mighty Angel). John typifies in the first instance,
the Chosen Vessel, who was first of the Remaining Bride to receive
the Little Scroll (Little Help of Dan.11:34). The Remaining Bride
who was not killed on April 19th 1993, and accepts the Little Help
from the Chosen Vessel (Elisha messenger) is also typified by John
receiving the Little Scroll.

Rev.10: 9
And I went unto the angel, and said unto
him, Give me the little book. And he said
unto me, Take it, and eat it up; and it shall
make thy belly bitter, but it shall be in thy
mouth sweet as honey.

John represents the Remaining Bride who received the Revelation
from the Man-child (Lamb with the Seven Seals Scroll). The Bride
(typified by John)
took the Little Scroll (prophecy) from the mighty
Angel (Lamb; Elijah). The mighty messenger (Messiah the Prince;
died on April 19th 1993, at the time when the Bride
received the scroll, which is the extra oil that reveals the Remaining
Bride’s destiny. The Remaining Bride’s destiny is written on the
opposite side of the scroll.

The extra understanding of the Lamb’s scroll reveals the Chosen Vessel
and the Remaining Bride fulfilling what is written on the other side of the
two sided scroll. The other side of the scroll revealed the Lamb gathering
his Bride. The extra oil is the extra understanding of the Remaining Bride’s
destiny as written in prophecy pertaining to the gathering of her children
(Firstfruits). John (representing the latter day Remaining Bride) eats
the scroll; the scroll is the Hidden Manna (spiritual food) of Rev.2:17.

The Hidden Manna is the sealed scroll that the Man-child brought with
him, see Rev.10:1-8. The Hidden Manna refers to the scroll that was
sealed (closed; rolled up) in the Right Hand of God who sat upon the
throne in Rev.5:1. The golden pot of manna was sealed up (hidden) in
the ark of the covenant which Moses was told to build, being the image
of God’s throne. The sealed scroll was hidden (closed). The scroll
contains the hidden (dark) mysteries (manna) which the receiver of
the scroll (manna) is to eat; thereby the prophecies will be understood
(illuminated). The book (scroll) was sealed until the time of the end,
see Dan.12:4,9.

Adam and Eve ate of the Hidden Manna. The Hidden Manna was the
fruit upon the tree that had the knowledge of good and evil. The knowledge
of good and evil was hidden within the fruit (olive) of the tree that contained
the knowledge of good and evil. That same knowledge which God had
once wanted kept secret (hidden) in the garden of Eden, must now through
the Revelation of the Lamb and the Revelation of the Chosen Vessel,
be revealed.

All are to partake of the Hidden Manna (Revelation) which is contained
in the Little Scroll that was first given unto the Chosen Vessel and thereafter
the Remaining Bride, see Rev.10:9. Thereby the wise shall receive the New
Name of Koresh (which is the Father’s name; surname) that shall be
written in the foreheads (minds; memories) of the Firstfruits who eat
the Hidden Manna (Little Scroll), see Rev.14:1. The Hidden Manna
(sealed scroll) is the same scroll that was written by the Prophets of old
regarding the latter day Man-child (Messiah the Prince) and the Chosen
Vessel, see Is.7:14,15,21,22; Jer.15:16,17; Eze.3:2,3,14.

And I took the little book out of the angel’s
hand, and ate it up; and it was in my mouth
sweet as honey: and as soon as I had eaten it,
my belly was bitter.

The Little Book (scroll), being the Hidden Manna which the Chosen
Vessel (typified by John) received from the Man-child (Lamb), was
eaten up (understood) by the Chosen Vessel. The Revelation written
upon the other side of the scroll is now understood. The Revelation
written on the other side of the two sided scroll is the extra oil that was
given by the Chosen Vessel to the Remaining Bride after the Lamb
(Man-child) had been cut off (killed), see Dan.8:11; 9:26.

The extra understanding which the Remaining Bride received, revealed
the prophecies that relate to the Remaining Bride’s destiny and are
written on the other side of the Lamb’s two sided scroll.

The understanding of the prophecies that are written on the opposite side
of the scroll pertaining to the Remaining Bride, are sweet in the mouth;
meaning that the Remaining Bride has not been cast off by God, and
that the Remaining Bride’s situation is according to prophecy. After the
Remaining Bride eats the scroll (manna) the meaning of the prophecies
become clear, causing bitterness in the belly.

The prophecies are bitter because the Remaining Bride realizes she must
be killed after she gathers her spiritual children. The Remaining Bride
gathers the Fellowservants during the 1,260 day (42 month) period and
Seals the 144,000. Thereafter, prior to the three and a half days before
the expiration of the 1,260 days (42 months) of prophesying (see Rev.11:3),
the Remaining Bride is to be killed with the one group of Firstfruits, being
the Fellowservants (not including the 144,000 living Firstfruits) which
fulfills the latter part of the Fifth Seal, see Rev.6:11.

The fellow (man) -servants represent half of the Twenty-four Elders of
Rev.4:4. The other half of the Twenty-four Elders represent the 144,000,
see Rev.7:4-8 referring to twelve fellows (men; sons of Jacob). The
144,000 are to be Sealed before the time of trouble, however they will
not fully know the Seven Seals Scroll (Hidden Manna) until they enter
the Kingdom. The Fellowservants who die with the Remaining Bride
(fulfilling the Fifth Seal), have received the knowledge of the Hidden
Manna from the Chosen Vessel and understand that they are written to
die with the Remaining Bride, see Rev.6:11; 13:7; 14:13.

And he said unto me, Thou must prophesy
again before many peoples, and nations,
and tongues, and kings.

The Remaining Bride eats the scroll then understands her mission as
written in prophecy upon one side of the Lamb’s two sided scroll.
She MUST prophesy again, as one group of Firstfruits must be Sealed,
who are not to die with the Remaining Bride in the spiritual wilderness

The seeds of Truth must be scattered so that when the Two Witnesses
(scroll written on both sides of the Lamb and the
Chosen Vessel)
are killed and rise again in Rev.11:7,11,12, the 144,000 will have read
or heard of the Revelation (but may have not followed for some reason)
will know that prophecy is being fulfilled according to what is written in
the Seven Seals Scroll. When the earthquake (resurrection) of the Sixth
Seal happens (see Rev.11:13), the Remnant (144,000) will be convinced
and give the glory to God. The 144,000 will show that they recognize that
what the Remaining Bride was saying prior to being killed, was of God
once they see Rev.11:11-13 being fulfilled.

The Remaining Bride must prophesy again to MANY nations (NOT ALL)
to gather the Fellowservants (one group of Firstfruits). The Fellowservants
are to die with the Remaining Bride fulfilling the Fifth Seal. The Fellowservants
shall receive the Hidden Manna (Seven Seals Scroll) from the hand of the
Chosen Vessel or the Remaining Bride’s. The Fellowservants are symbolized
by ONE of the wave loaves of Lev.23:17. The Fellowservants will be killed
with the Remaining Bride fulfilling the Fifth Seal of Rev.6:11.

After the Sixth Seal when the Kingdom New Jerusalem is set up (New
Jerusalem fulfills all the prophecies that pertained to old Jerusalem),

the 144,000 and Fellowservants give the last warning to Babylon before
the final plague falls. The 144,000 are gathered into New Jerusalem (see
and learn the Song of the Lamb (Hidden Manna; Seven
Seals Scroll)
. Thereafter, the 144,000 shall be sent out as Super-beings
who cannot die, having the everlasting gospel (Lamb’s scroll) to preach
unto EVERY Nation, see Rev.14:6; Mt.24:14.

The Firstfruits are to gather a Great Multitude of people and the Great
Multitude join the 144,000 in giving the last warning as they journey to
the city (New Jerusalem) of God, see Rev.14:9. The Chosen Vessel
and the Remaining Bride are now prophesying to MANY nations to
gather their children (Firstfruits: Fellowservants and 144,000); after
the Sixth Seal fulfillment, the 144,000 (the Remaining Bride’s spiritual
shall prophesy to ALL nations giving the last warning before
the final plague destroys all the works of man.

The Prophecy Repeats ||| Rev.10:11; Zech.4:3,4,6

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