1a] The earth’s surface was covered in a lake of fire.

1b] The lake of fire became a lake of water covering the earth’s surface, and the
earth was void and in darkness.

1c] God separated the waters from the earth, and placed waters around the
firmament. Thereafter, the sun, moon and stars were created. Plant life and the
animals were created upon the earth.

1d] Michael (male) and Lucifer (female) were the first two humans who
populated the first earth and the twelve planets in the solar system.

1e] The people of the first creation had the knowledge of pride, greed, lust,
envy, deceit, and anger within their hearts and minds.

1f] God recognized by experiencing the first laws, that they were of darkness
(evil), because God saw the light (good).

1g] God caused the sun, seven moons, and twelve stars to cease illuminating,
and the waters around the earth’s atmosphere (firmament) flooded the earth
and all life ceased.

1h] God populated the universe with new beings having a new mind and heart,
understanding the laws of good only.

1i] God placed a sea of glass (diamond) around the earth to conceal the first
creation which was destroyed. God resurrected the people’s spirits who were
upon the earth and placed their spirits within Angelic bodies upon the sea of
glass. God’s throne is also upon the sea of glass around the earth, see

1j] Lucifer (who was the left hand covering Seraph) rebelled against God’s
Word in heaven (sea of glass).


2a] God returned to the past through the door of time, to the point of the first
earth’s destruction by a flood of water, see Gen.1:2.

2b] God revealed the earth with his glorious light, that all creation could see the
first earth which was kept hidden.

2c] God separates the waters of Gen.1:2 and places the waters around the
firmament (heaven) of the earth, see Gen.1:6-8.

2d] God recalls all plant life back upon the earth as it once was, see
Gen.1:11,12. The sun, moon, and twelve stars are illuminated, see
Gen.1:14,17. All sea life and all animal life are re-created upon the
earth as they once were, see Gen.1:20-25.

2e] God created Adam and Eve having a new heart and mind and
commanded them to replenish the earth with people, to be as it once
was, see Gen.1:26,28.

2f] From the time of Adam and Eve until the last generation (our day) is a
repeat of the first creation of Michael and Lucifer upon the earth, see

2g] At the Sixth Seal, the sun, moon and stars shall be darkened, because
time has been going backwards, see Rev.6:12. The earth’s time going
backwards means we shall reach the point before the sun, moon, and stars
were created, see Isa.51:6.

2h] The earth shall become dark and void at the Sixth Seal, being the time
when the sun, moon, and stars are darkened, see Jer.4:23.

2i] The earth shall become a lake of fire because the earth is going
backwards through time, and shall become a lake of fire, as it was
when the earth was first formed, see Is.24:19; Mal.4:1; Rev.19:20;
2Peter 3:10-12.

2j] The earth, sun, moon, and stars, with the eleven planets in our solar
system, shall be made new, see Rev.21:1; 2Peter 3:13. All of the redeemed
shall be reborn from the new Adam (Lamb) and the new Eve (Bride) into the
new creation to fill the universe. All memory of this sinful world shall not be
remembered, because the former knowledge of sin and this world shall pass
away, see Rev.21:4,5.

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