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If the Lamb was the only one worthy to reveal the
Seven Seals, how can it be, that a Chosen Vessel has
revealed more?

Where in scripture is it written that the Holy Spirit is

Why do the Cherubim and Seraphim need to cover
themselves (their bodies) if they are already in glorified
form (being in a glorified state, rather than in physical
human form)?

Where in the Bible is it revealed that Lucifer is feminine?

What is the correct understanding pertaining to 666?

How is David Koresh qualified to be saviour?

Do the Ten Commandments still apply?

Where is latter day Egypt represented in prophecy, and
what signifies the beginning and ending of latter day
Egypt’s reign?

Is there a past type for the literal numbering of the 144,000
and the 200,000,000?

Could you explain the Levitical harvest in relation to the
latter day harvest gathering of the righteous?

Is there more information on the name Koresh and its
meaning of death?

Can you provide more information on the Seven Angels,
which have the Seven Vials?

Could you explain the characteristics pertaining to the
city New Jerusalem?

You stated in your book that the city New Jerusalem is
some sort of space ship, could you explain why it is referred
to as a space ship?

Are Behemoth and Leviathan which are written of in the
book Job, literal animals?

How is Christ the root and the offspring of David?

There are ten days of tribulation mentioned in Rev.2:10.
Could you explain when the ten days apply?

The Bible uses the term ‘Daily’ in Dan.8:12. Could you
elaborate on the Daily?

The latter day Lamb’s spirit was the same spirit which is
within Michael. Do you know what spirit the new Chosen

Vessel is of: who is now revealing the New Light?

Are the seven Angels who are mentioned in the book of
Revelation, seven prophets?

It is understood that: the path of the Just is as the shining light,
that shineth more and more unto the perfect day, Prov.4:18.
Could you provide more light on the Four Beasts in the MIDST
of the throne and the Four Beasts ROUND ABOUT the throne?

Lucifer was created perfect, yet pride (sin) was found in
Lucifer. How is God going to ensure that sin will not rise

up again, since all knowledge of this world and its evils will
not be remembered?

How long did the first creation last, and what happened to
the dinosaurs?

The Man-child has a Rod of Iron in Rev.12:5 and John the
Revelator has a Reed like unto a Rod. What is the meaning
of the Rod in both situations?

Once a person enters into the Rest of the Seven Seals Scroll
(as revealed by the Chosen Vessel), does a person need to
keep the old law?

The Hidden Manna and the Showbread

Man's Beastly Nature

New Light on the Name of God: HAYAH (AM) HAVAH (AM)

Sweetness from the Lion's Carcase

The Sword of HAYAH HAVAH and the Chosen Vessel

One Rider, Many Faithful Horses

The Unsealing of Matthew Chapter Twenty-Four

Pray Without Ceasing

Dreams Within Dreams

Zerubbabel: Type of the Chosen Vessel

The Status of a Fellow Servant

The Fiery Serpent in the Wilderness

HAYAH HAVAH's Fiery Chariot

What fish swallowed Jonah?

An estimated three million Israelites came out of Egypt
(see Num.11:21). It is written that God fed them with Quail
For a whole month. How is it that the Quail came from the sea?

Who are the two Saints that are speaking to each other
in Dan.8:13?

What is the 'circle of the earth' which Hayah Havah
sits upon?

Who is the Holy One who spoke to Daniel and John
the Revelator?

Could you explain 1 Tim.4:1-3 in relation to the Seven Seals

Who shall overthrow latter day Babylon?

Why does the one like the son of man mentioned in
Dan.7:13 have clouds following him?

Is the ‘son of man’ and ‘one like the son of man’ the
same person?

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